Please consider making 6.0 Guide a WIKI

As the subject says - google docs are neat and all but a wiki would be better.

Two main reasons -

  • User created content

  • Anyone can edit/comment etc.

Users would be able to write a guide on how to do things rather than all of this falling on the admin team.

Users could help with clarity of some of the guide’s wording - I some of the confusion often seems to come from the German / English language barrier and I am sure that many of the native speakers would be happy to smooth out the few rough patches.


some months ago I finally wanted to test the Wiki feature of this forum… and then… I don’t know what… but I got interrupted…

Thanks for pinging me!

In reality - as we see with wikipedia… we need some moderators for the wiki because of some trolls… Maybe we make an election round or I see if I can play around with the trust level of this forum…

Will test it now and let you know but totally agree… this would help a lot.

When I now only get a guy helping with the PDA… damn it :smirk:

Prohibited anonymous edits set it to require approvals for the critical pages.

Edits are trivial to reverse and editing rights removal is easy if people troll.

I used to do that:

And I can’t believe that it was so long ago…


I updated the forum to allow more stuff in that direction.
There are of course a lot of dedicated tools out there. Hot shit etc.

But I want to stick to the closest information / link scheme cycle as possible so the forum is quite handy for that.

I will explain everything when I am done migrating… :cold_sweat: