Please help me with CSW and my SV problem

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What happened: 1.Ship ID 24048620 is docked to my CV 0,4 au away. Relog and changing playfield doesn’t help.
2. After warping from NA to EU and back my rep got overwritten, giving me 200 extra rep. ± on EU. This could be exploited easily.
On top of that i can’t use OCD, OAM or anything like that on EU anymore. The error message i get is that i have to use CSW. It never happened to me before and i used to play both EU and NA for a long time now with no problems and very rare CSW between the servers.
Player(s) with issue: Pok
Server: 1. EU 2. EU/NA
Time (cb:time): 22:00
Playfield: Kratos
Structure Name(s): Hornet111
Structure ID(s): 24048620
How can we help you now: Please move or delete the SV and fix my character so i can play on both servers again.


thanks for the details:

  1. It seems to be back. Let me know if it is ok again. Maybe the server restart did it
  2. The problem is: You played on both server at the same time: That is not possible. With your warp from NA to EU your EU character was overwritten, therefore more RP. Same with your Credits, they also got overwritten.This is no exploit, but since you had those RP on NA it was transferred. The chatbot lock is also right because you are only allowed to play on one server at a time. You have to do CSW to play on the other again.

If you want to play on both server at the same time, let me know and I change your characters back. Then you can’t use CSW anymore though!
If you want to play with one character on both server with CSW, then use you NA character. You are currently there. this you can see if chatbot works.

That sounds good, thanks for the help.
Please restore my old character back. I will stay away from the csw.

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