Please help to solve the misunderstanding with the car bath

Good evening. In advance please forgive me if I write wrong in what I write through the translator. The point is that this spring I have connected from your primary account to Your LEGO town and first capital attempted to fly from the launch of pvp planet but was soon banned autocam 100 years. All I did before bath ran the ship in flight so as not to fall. And how many of my friends at that time, no one was client game Empyrion - Galactic Survival, I just today with a friend who appeared on Steam has received a temporary Family went on Your server from twin to ask for help with a solution to this misunderstanding. In the game, the Administrator was advised to write to the administrator Jascha on this forum. Jascha ask the administrator to help me with a solution to this misunderstanding by how much I want to play on Your server and then of course comply with and agree to abide by Your rules and on.

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I think you need to write in your native tongue German? Russian?

re-post if possible this is just confusing :wink:

What the hell is a car bath anyway?

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That was a fun read.

If I had to guess it’s something along the lines of, “I got banned shortly after starting on your server, a friend of mine went on to ask how I could get unbanned and i was told to make a post of the forum for admin assistance.”

In short:

  • Your got banned because you cheated.
  • Now you want to come back and play with your friends on our server.

–> We will talk about it to see what you have done. If minor crime, we will unbann you.

But now the fun part… I just have to try to translate this :wink:
(that translator should be banned for sure…)

From the translation I get:

  • All happend while your car was taking a bath…

  • You connected to our Lego Town… strange my Lego is still here and no one had acces to it. And the next Lego Land close by does not belong to me.

  • Then you flew from an pvp planet and banned autocams for 100 years… true those cams are against the law of some countrys.

  • Before you took a bath you ran to the airport to catch your flight, because you were afraid of hights :?.

  • In Spring your friends were no Client Games… they were actual humans. Now they are AI’s of Empyrion… So you want to say the Aliens we attack ingame are former humans? Oh man…what are the devs doing. Anyone else in this community missing his friends?

  • Finally today you and your friends were adopted to a temporary family. Happy to hear that. Are you also an AI stuck on HWS?

  • You talked to me in Chat and I told you to write here to have less confusions and missunderstandings…maybe my decision had not the best outcome. So here I try to understand your words now…

  • You want to swear solemnly to comply and agree to abide by our rules… Wow. That sounds like allegiance!

Sorry I had to… the automated translator is just to much fun :slight_smile:


How is people cheating :)? with eac online?

Professional Curiosity ^^

Wow Im not an english native speaker but you are using a terrible translator my friend. Btw If your main language is Spanish or portuguesse let me know and I help you. Also better if you use the Google translator >>>,or.&bvm=bv.139782543,d.eWE&biw=1920&bih=950&dpr=1&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=es&client=tw-ob#en/es/
And try to use basic words and not the cultural way of speak…It will work way better!

Sorry this was funny and this is now on my mind.

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Good evening. I really Russian as it semetic Achilles and I see no reason to hide it. I also used to persecuted Russian with English and German servers just because we are Russian. So I always try to write in English. Your rules I read with a translator back then and did not violate them. And if the reason for my banana not in error anti Chita and the fact that I’m Russian then say so and I won’t bother You anymore. If the case of suspected violation of the rules then You can easily check the logs of my character on Your server to understand that I was not going to break anything. Character name Sibron’s. If you need to specify the ID of my Steam or whatever You’ll need to check. I can also write in Russian if it makes things easier.

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Добрый вечер. Я действительно русский как уже это заметиk Achilles и не вижу смысла это скрывать. Также я привык к гонениям русских с английских и немецких серверов просто потому что мы русские. По этому я всегда стараюсь писать на английском. Ваши правила я прочитал с переводчика еще тогда и не нарушал их. И если причина моего банан не в ошибке программы анти чита а в том, что я русский то так и скажите и я Вас больше не побеспокою. Если же дело в подозрении на нарушении правил то Вы спокойно можете проверить логи моего персонажа на Вашем сервере чтобы понять что я не собирался ничего нарушать. Имя персонажа Sibron’s. Если нужно могу указать ID моего Steam или что там Вам потребуется для проверки. Я также могу писать по русски если Вам будет так проще.

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I translate through Yandex translator auto. And Russian with most languages, text is always translated clearly enough. I assume from Your words that the Russian to English it translates much less correct for that please forgive me. This is the original my original message. -
Добрый вечер. Заранее прошу меня простить если что напишу не так по сколько пишу с помощью переводчика. Суть в том что еще весной этого года я к вам подключился с основного аккаунта и построив первый капитальный корабль пытался улететь со стартовой пвп планеты но вскоре был забанен авточитом на 100 лет. Всё что я делал перед банном заправлял корабль в полёте чтоб не упасть. И по сколько из моих знакомых на тот момент ни у кого не было клиента игры Empyrion - Galactic Survival я только сегодня с помощью знакомого который появился в Steam получил временный Семейного доступа зашел на Ваш сервер с твина чтоб попросить помощи с решением этого недоразумения. В игре Администратор посоветовал написать администратору Jascha на этом форуме. Прошу администратора Jascha помочь мне с решением этого недоразумения по сколько я хочу играть на Вашем сервере и естественно соблюдал тогда и согласен соблюдать Ваши правила и далее. -

Thanks Sibron… Maybe someone of our russian community can translate for you

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The translator your using is not good at all. Try to use another one or google one as a suggestion because for example now your saying you have a problem with your banana (банан) that is having an error my friend.

But it looks like your account is banned by a mistake from the anticheat. Im pretty sure there is an issue with it and its not that your are Russian this servers hold lot of cultures in my friend. :slight_smile:

A better translation. @Jascha

Good evening. I really like Russian’s same as I like Achilles and I see no reason to hide it. I also got used to be persecuted because im Russian playing on English and German servers. Simply because we are Russian. That’s why I always try to write on English. I read your rules with an translator and we did not break them. And if my account have a reason and is not a mistake by the anticheat program and is because Im Russian. Ok and I will not bother you anymore. If the matter is suspected violation of the rules, you can easily check the logs of my character on your server in order to understand that I was not going to break any rules. My ingame name is Sibron. If you need to my steam ID or whatever you need to check… go ahead…And I can also write in Russian it will be more easy for me.

Sibron was banned around may/june. So EAC is not a question at all here.
He was not alone at that time as there was a lot of dupe exploits around.

We have the policy to unban such people if the exploits / dupes were fixed. Because basically these people showed us how it worked / that these exist.

Right now the game is quite stable regarding duping etc. and six month of ban time is enough for now.
I unbanned you.
Have fun on HWS


Thank you for your help. Once it was the anti-cheat program, you can say in what, for some reason, he banned me then?

For abusing exploits / duping

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