Please remove Troll Base Golden Globe

Please can you remove the (Ter) base that has been placed down over the 11400 Gold deposit as it is
against the rules.

Meany Thanks Blind.

Police will look into this are you on the Eu or Na server ?

NA Golden Globe Faction [Ter] looks like a Temp Base for mining, it just needs removed.

Thanks again.

admins will have to look into this sorry but is it possible to get the id of the structure can you fill in a propper ticket form ill post it hear so you can copy and fill in the blanks.

Hey chaz,

  1. wrong category or do you want that this is treated like off topic?

  2. against what rule is this and what is meant by “troll”?

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sorry Rex to be onest i had no idea how to do one of these so apolagies, there is just a base next to one of the
gold deposits that is going to prevent people from collecting it i just asumed this was against the rules?.

Did you get my mesage yesterday via discord about donar space sector btw?.


No problem, then I teach likely


Set it for now.

Ah, yes, this rule applies for PvE. On PvP it is ok to do since it’s the job of player to “punish” that.

Yes, sorry, today was a very damn stressful day. I’ll come back to you asap.

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