Please reset my character, i just started and choose the wrong origin, because i already resetted before i got 21 hour wait time

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:

  • i found someone to play with and tried to choose freelancer but sort of got federation (i probably did something wrong)

Player(s) with issue:

  • no one


  • EU

Time (cb:time):

  • 10:40


  • in space

Structure Name(s):

  • xx

Structure ID(s):

  • 0

How can we help you now:

  • restting my char to zero so i can start new
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Welcome to HWS @Denniedarko

I reset you for now

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Tips for another time.
There is a changeorigion building at EEC :blush::blush:

Hi there,

Thanks for the tip perhaps usefull for the future.

Cheers Denniedarko

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