Please restore deleted structures from Nolan414

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Structures were deleted during holiday absence
Player(s) with issue: Nolan414
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): Noticed at 8. May 2018 19:20
Playfield: ECC Space, Alliance HQ
Structure Name(s): Kanzleramt, CV Willy Brandt, Wendigo
Structure ID(s): 2491543, 13443055, 15982261
How can we help you now: Please restore my deleted structures, if possible

Welcome back,

this is possible still, would cost you something though

Over 50 million credits but I see you also parked your stuff in ECC Space over holiday… the worst use case possible to be honest. Ignoring everything we tried to prevent to happen by mentioning it in our guide:

We even increased the global WipeTime from 9 days to 15 days for some longer vacation trips but 2 weeks are really the max. now to grant fairness for everyone (2 weeks everyone had to load and render your structures in ECC Space for nothing, stealing a bit of their frames per seconds).
For more than 15 days we offer the Save ships for Holiday donation.

Anyways, I can restore one of these structures as an exception for some RP cost.

Hi RexXxuS,

yes I know, it is my fault.

I just forgot to move out from ECC before holiday and didn’t think about the Wipe Time.

So it is Ok for now, leave my structures deleted and I will wait for the 8.0 wipe which is, I suppose, not too far.

Nevertheless, thank you for your commitment and effort.

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