Please update AM/OCD

A lvl 10 common resource AM fills up in less than 3 days with 9000 cap. Allow 30k max ores to be stored for common at least. Good game design does not revolve around feeling the need to log in every night. Also I would think OCD lvl 6 should have at least 200 slots but hey what do I know :slight_smile:

But also not helping passive people for free :wink:

Will think about these suggestions, thanks.

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9000 cap is fine for level 10 AM maybe some 11/12/13 just for more max cap :stuck_out_tongue:

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AM is fine as is, the only resource thats needs to be changed is sathium need to change it to common ore

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The HWS AM is a benefit from HWS only, and its not part of Eleon’s Game Design formulae - Thats RexXus and Jascha’s secret sauce. The fact that we’d need to log in every day to collect our amassing resources i think is the least we could do. Its the same as in Eleon’s AM’s which are much much much smaller caps… IMHO, its unreasonable to ask for auto-everything-with-no-effort-to-play. Where’s the fun of logging on every friday night to 80k ore?