Pls remove my vessels from Alien Cradle #15

Bonjour, can you please remove(change to public) two small vessels on Alien cradle #15? I cannot access it but looks like these vessels prevent my reputation gain :frowning:
One vessel belong to Miz faction and another one is private. unfortunately cannot find them in HWS Connect’s Structure commander to provide ids.

Hey we need at least ID or name. use the console command

Please see screenshots, first one when I came to alien cradle again(actually trued several times to access it, but it is different location so I cannot access vessels via control panel through registry). second screenshot with my registry. I hope this helps.

can you please elaborate what command are you talking about?

Also, taking into account that it is definitely not a feature but a bug which cannot be handled without admin assistance, can you be so kind and update my RP for missing 6 points(for yesterday and today)?

Open Game console and enter “di”.
Then get close to the vessel you see on the top-right the ID of the vessel.

I will remove the vessel if I can find it. But if you have no more vessels there then it should be ok.

Oh just realizing its an instant. Shouldn’t they be gone anyhow after a few minutes?
In this case I cant delete the SV without the ID.

“di” will not help in this case I think - I cannot get close to the vessels since I cannot enter this location “Alien Cradle #15”.
I thought vessels should gone while some server restart with POI and missions regeneration, but seems it is not the case because I cannot get RP for second day. Do this “#15” in location name means it was generated and it is 15-th instance of this mission? Can my vessels be cached somehow?
Anytime I trying to access this mission location name is just “Alien Cradle” without any numbers.

But if you have no more vessels there then it should be ok.

I will absolutely happy if you delete these two small vessels from that location

I cant remove that vessels without accessing game or the id. But none the less those vessel dont cost you rp.

These vessels do cost me RP! Alien Cradle mission is in PvE! And I cannot gain RP for second day because of that.

Again, two vessels are in location that CANNOT BE ACCESSED. That is why I cannot provide you ids.

Sorry english is not my native language and I can misunderstand something, so let me summarize it all one more time:

  1. there is mission Alien Cardle
  2. after teleporting to mission location I spawned two small vessels(as it is on screenshot above, location name is “Alien Cradle #15”)
  3. after failing the mission these two small vessels were leaved in that location
  4. any futher attempts to run Alien Cardle mission teleports you to different location, it is called Alien Cardle, but is it not "Alien Cradle #15 so I cannot access the control panel through the registry because “your vessels are in another cradle, Mario” :smiley:
  5. Mission is located in PvE area which makes whole my fraction(4 people) suffer from not gaining RP for living in PvP for second day and there is no change it will be changed without external influence.

Thanks for clarify the case. But let me post you some facts:

Days before yesterday:

30.07.2017 08:50:03.027 I Faction_Bonus_Check: Player ‘DeadM0r0z’ has structures on PVE and does not get extra RP


31.07.2017 08:50:07.765 I Faction_Bonus_Check: Checking Player ‘DeadM0r0z’ for Reputations: Did not have Epic Weapon

So everything is correct.

And last but not least Missions CAN’T even technically hurt any RP data since they are excluded:

This took me a while here and I hope it is clear now and good for the future reference.

57 was changed to 58 because of my 999 gold ingots. but as it stated above ‘DeadM0r0z’ has structures on PVE !!!

And last but not least Missions CAN’T even technically hurt any RP data since they are excluded:

if that was true I would get 3 RP for living in PvP

Bastards vessels were recycled by me today. They were in PvE space only while the route from warp point to EGS Recycle zone. So it is not the point.

Today I was online at 10AM GMT+2( morning restart time) with epic minigun and 999ingots near xeno nebula while restart, to test again this mission and try to change vessels to public.

The text in the log is misleading for the public I see. You are stated with the name there since the tool crawl player by player. But what it does in the background is something different.

I recommend to read the page again:

too late.

Another important question:

31.07.2017 08:50:07.765 I Faction_Bonus_Check: Checking Player ‘DeadM0r0z’ for Reputations: Did not have Epic Weapon

so this check happens not while server restart but 10 minutes before it?

So you bet that I will get tomorrow RP as usual despite vessels in Alien Cradle #15 (of course if I have epic minigun etc), am I right?

I believe this also means that I should be taxed for these two recycled vessels. Not sure this happened.

If you tomorrow before 9AM no structures in PvE (AND no one of your friends - faction or private) and have your epic gun all the time in your inventory: yes, you are right. +3RP.

Thanks for the response, will check tomorrow.
What about real time of check? 8:50? Today I wield epic minigun with 999 ingots right before restart. So “before 9AM” is at least inaccurate.
Another question: as far as I remeber I recycled vessels after the restart and they exists in PvE for really short period of time. I warped from Xeno to Peacekeeper, then warped to ECC, fly to EGS Recycle Zone, recycled vessls and then visit bank on my sv to continue gain my credit interest. If these vessels were checked for my properties in PvE space than why did they were not taxed?

Well you got some insights from the logs. But there is NO real time. We might change it in the future to another time. So forget that thinking.

It is just one real time: ALWAYS! Always have your epic gun. Always don’t have stuff parked in PvE etc.

Everything AFTER is already too late. The tool function triggered during restart.

OK got it, thanks a lot!
Will come back tomorrow, hope everything will be fine.

From the second thought I realized that there is still a bug here.
This message above was about yesterday. But yesterday I did not have bastards(vessels for recycle) in ECC space. I recycled them today. and the only vessels in PvE at that moment were vessels from alien cradle #15.
So basically if I am right than you have 2 bugs here:

  1. vessel created in mission cannot be accessed after mission and not visible in structure commander(I believe because of checkbox you mention above), so you cannot even get it’s id.
  2. RP calculation do respect the mode PvE or PvP in missions areas(despite mentioned above checkbox)
    And this will be clear tomorrow when I will get only one RP for my 999 gold ingots, but will not get RP for living in PvP.