Pls return SPEED of Multitool

Pls return SPEED of Multitool!

Cy, have you compared the speed of the multitool with vanilla? It’s already MUCH, MUCH faster than stock.

I am for increasing the speed of not only multitool.
But other devices - this will increase the convenience for the player and in turn will increase the pleasure of the game.

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The devs put a hard cap on the speed of multitools and drills, both handheld and vessel.
Rex couldn’t increase it if he wanted because of this cap.

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i think Rex can ALL :slight_smile:


He can’t though. The devs made it impossible to increase the speed any further, only the devs have the power to change it.

The devs said that the multitools and drills with increased speed were causing lag in MP so they imposed a hard limit. No one but the devs can make it any faster now.

If you want the speed of multitools to be made faster again you will have to put a request in to the devs. Many people have already done so and they said no.

Feel free to test it yourself though. Go into SP and try to modify the speed on the multitool yourself. There is a hard cap where you can’t make it any faster.

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Think it was ridiculous for devs to limit multi tool speed. Sounds to me like time would be better spent fixing bugs and increasing the pixel count on space toilets. Who wants a floater in space anyhow?