PO-7 | 11m - Attack SV

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What happened:
edit: i didn’t realize that this SV is a flying artillery array, long range assault.

I bought the PO-7 after reading it was a “POI assault SV”
I was looking for something with an alien core that could deal with the alien homing rockets on top of the Prison Transport POI, without getting trashed in the process. So i bought one of these PO-7.
Well I found that after taking just 1 rocket to the side of the sv I lost 3 of the rail guns, after which I managed to take one prison transport. but of course repair to blueprint ignores item over counts, and so i patched the holes with laser guns, as armor.
I get to the second prison transport, and i manage to avoid enough rockets and take it out.
the third? i took 1 volley, and lost all of my rails, and rockets.

I could have slapped an alien core into one of my own ships and had better results.
this SV is over priced, and under powered, and under armored for what it is.
The maneuverability of this SV is extremely slow, and almost absent response time.
I had to add 8 medium large thrusters just to get near the maneuverability you needed to avoid homing missiles, turret flak… and obviously that still wasn’t enough.

an 11 million cr. ship touted as a POI assault craft should not be rendered useless from 1 small POI, or have minimal armor and maneuverability.

I honestly feel like i was robbed.

Player(s) with issue: Coco
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 13:00?
Playfield: Freelancer HQ
Structure Name(s): PO-7 | 11m
Structure ID(s): 3194645
How can we help you now: I don’t know what to say here other than I feel like this ship is way over priced, misleading in its description and too slow to be effective.
I have blueprints of my own design that can take more of a beating, more maneuverable, and I wouldn’t be out 11 million credits.
I don’t know, maybe you can change the description, the armor values, the maneuverability, the cost.
give your customers an honest ship for the credits?

Hello @Jeeves

thanks for your feedback but it is not a scam. You just did not use it the way it could been used.

=> The 2 Artillery Turrets on the top are the POI Busters. If you had not a friend with you (because the turrets do not auto fire on a SV), that is your way to use it, but no one wanted to rob or betray you.

It is already a cheap Garage ship if checking my value list of
5m: Alien Core + 11 Rail Guns: 7 over limit + 2 Artillery Turrets: 2m = 14m + 1m (extra features such as advanced constructor). Normally it would cost 15m but since most players don’t take advantage of the COOP possibility we reduced it to 11m.

But we will see how we can improve it further.


the artillery turrets are great for ranged attacks, wish i looked into that before just assuming this sv could handle incoming missile fire.
im actually very pleased with this vehicle now that you explained the primary role rex.

please soak this report in kerosene and burn it.

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