POI cant respawn

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What happened: POI grieved no respawn
Player(s) with issue: HisRoyalFreshness
Server: Europe
Time (cb:time): 23 June 4pm 2018
Playfield: Stroyom Sector
Structure Name(s): Abandoned Dronebase
Structure ID(s): unkown but coords. are: -6167,57,4982 Planet Paragon
How can we help you now: Pls take the playercore from player: Izam out so POI can respawn

This looks like a bug according to what I know, but I see that it happens to a lot of POI’s
Maybe @RexXxuS has to check that.

I dont know exactly, the only thing i know is i saw a guy scavenging the whole poi and as i tried i realised he grieved it with his playercore and i wasnt able to scavenge with him because the poi belongs to another player and since than (1week ago) he left his core on those 10 blocks left which wont respawn the base now…

The POI itself might miss the regeneration property, hence the player was able to core the POI.
But in general (with the Crashed Titan POI for example) this is a problem.
We have to wait until Eleon fixes the “wipe POI” method. I hope the POI is reset then, no matter if claimed by a player or not.

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