POI - not the best experience for us

Today a friend and me wanted to try take an alien base.
We are clearly not ready for PVP so we made a base on lawless HQ.

We found 5 different POI in the course of about 5 hours.
2 of those were “circle” POIs, one was called “wreckage” and it was an empty spot on the ground (I digged a huge hole, nothing there).
The other one was “village” which was made of empty buildings.

Then we found a radar tower with a spaceship docked.
The tower was inaccessible, some turrets on it, harmless mostly.

Another damaged tower had a teleport which teleported into that tower, but again, nothing to actually do or find.

We found a few more of these things, all without anything to do. They were all invulnerable as well.
You could not take them over, could not disable the guns, etc.

The last and biggest thing was a “crashed dropship” (or similar called) it had huge guns and killed us like 20-30 times until we got inside.
Inside were guns too, all blocks were invulnerable and we finally gave up. I guess there is a container in there, maybe I’d need a special armor or something as the turrets are invulnerable ?

We then tried to find a single alien base on Lawless HQ, we alos tried it on Eden and Sanctuary.
We didn’t find one. Regardless how many hours you fly through, not a single base, nothing to do.

So the PvE side was so far really boring, maybe we were just unlucky with our planet choices ?
Also on the planets there is no real danger.

I know there were pure PvE players here, they must do something different to enjoy the experience.
I guess our planet choices were poor (but what use do those planets have if there is nothing real to do?)
I’d appreciate some tips and help.

The best experience was on the Cryo planet! Alien bases (we didn’t dare touch) and lots of resources. A moon and asteroid belts. etc.
It’s a pity we can’t go back :wink:

So a quirk of admin cored structures that most people dont realize at first is that technically not all blocks are invulnerable. If a block has less than the max health on an admin structure, it can be destroyed. This allows for the admin (purple) POI on the server, where you cannot just easy mode it and bust through any given wall. Almost all turrets are damaged in this way, chances are you just didnt do enough sustained damage to them to pop them. If they are the large exterior turret type, they take a LOT of damage to destroy, so bring loads of ammo.
Also bring a multitool. This allows you to check block health to find which ones can be destroyed, and which cannot.

FYI the HQ planet is the most generic planet choice in the server, for a reason. They are sort of the bland everyone has access to set up an embassy sort of planet. The other pve planets (Eden, etc) tend to have better POI, provided you can find em after a reset before another player does.

This happens when someone multitools every block in the structure, it cannot regenerate. Its a bug in the core game.

FYI the upper floor of the EGS HQ has some event teleporters if you are looking for some alien fighting adventures. And you never have to worry about them being multitooled to nothing, as they are instance based.
I recommend alien city, and waves.

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Thanks for your response.

Regarding damage, that’s good to know. Though it’s hard to see if a remote turret can be damaged or not.
They are far beyond the range to check, and if you actually face it it blasts you to hell in a second :wink:

I had one exception: that was a small turret in a “crashed sattelite”, that was the only POI that gave loot (just a bit but at least it worked).
However the turret was a small one, with low damage against my (light armor) so I just went in and looted while it shot me.
I tried 3 magazines of T2 assault rifle on it, it survived that. So I guessed it won’t go down at all.

I guess we’ll have to take a look at Eden again, last time we checked nothing was found.

Thanks on the info on respawn, I found a few dead structures where you could see something “was there” but only a hole was left.

Thanks for the help, I’ll take a look :wink:

I agree lirezh there are a lot of nearly worthless POI on the server right now and I hope that changes starting this Wednesday. I have found that for nearly every POI you need a decent hover tank to take down the outer turrets and then you need explosive charges and a plasma cannon to takeout sentry guns and Zirax/Crawlers/beasts inside the POI and to blow the core.Best 3 POI I have found are Abandoned Mine/Reactor/Drone Base.All have just a few sentry guns outside but inside you will find hidden spawners dropping Crabs in the Abandoned Reactor/Abandoned Drone base with a lot of sentry guns.But the loot from them is really good.Just bring healing supplies/anti-poison/anti-parasite items. Abandon Mine has no turrets of any kind on outside but inside you will face sentry guns and hidden spawners dropping Crabs and Nightmares. There is a lot of loot including mining cores and epic weapons in 6 hidden barrels so tear down walls and hunt them down! learn and remember were the floor traps and hidden spawners are and they get easier to take down each time! Good hunting lirezh and remember to put a med bay in your hover tank.

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