POI Questions

In single player (or a self hosted coop), a great way to get lots of building resources is to assault a POI and after taking the core, to remove all the wanted blocks. Far easier then going to space and mining sathium in huge amounts.

But it made me think about how that would work in multiplayer. Does a POI regen if someone takes it apart? When I first joined, I came across a couple POIs that I thought maybe were bigger at one point, but wasn’t sure. Didn’t seem to respawn anything, so I’m not really sure what was up.

MOST poi will regenerate a certain amount of time after a player touches it. The POI you see on HWS that are different from the base GAME poi behave a little differently than the vanilla POI, primarily that they are 99% indestructible. This means less farming of blocks, but it also means you get to have a little more of a room clearing type challenge trying to clear them. As opposed to singleplayer, where you can just bomb a straight line to the POI core, then you win.