POI reset and some news

Hey @everyone,

POI reset

a little present on second day:
All Homeworld planet POI got reset. Now you can enjoy the true work Achilles made and not ninja all container with the drone. Enjoy the teamwork to capture them! :slight_smile:

Donator Planets

from now on there is a rule that if you don’t provide me for a new universe that you wanna play with your donator planet I move it in the reserved slot and allow new people to have an active planet. For now this affects the Karmalon planet on NA.

Rules update

another little update:

  • underground turrets are “allowed” now. Since we think they are working as intended. They do NOT shoot if placed under ground.
    and if they are not underground it means they can be killed.
    Regarding the long distance render issue we try to fix it with the devs asap. But the claims of invincible turrets or hacks are not true. Just a game bug.

  • once again make sure to create alliances after the change and only allow people in you trust!

NPC Trader

  • we have a lot of inactive NPC Traders. So everyone which NPC Trader isn’t placed right now write me a PM!
    (I still have some on my todo list)
  • check the new option you have:
    – either in Elemental Marketplace predefined shop
    – somewhere else (not in EM) in a custom shop

Have fun
Your HWS Team


gg with these POI very enjoyable, alots of goodys

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All Poi’s empty was no fun at all to search 40 poi with nothing in :confused: , havn’t found a single epic minigun all game and cant complete basic quest drone hunter for it either as drones have all been wiped out.

After they reset you must be fast. Because large factions raid them dry within a few hours. They may forget some but most will be looted dry. That’s why you need random spawning poi’s or resets throughout the day.

Or just make each POI that drops an epic take hours to finish becuase its jsut so damn hard.

No because if it takes hours then you would have to build BA’s around the POI (among other cheese tactics) to protect yourself vs PVP. Because what if you get attacked while you are inside for hours? Faction members are not gonna sit out there protecting your ships for hours while you are inside. Too boring.

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Personally I think the randomly placed POI idea is about the best balance. Anything with a regular wipe will result in them being cleared right afterwards. It would be nice to have it announced once each POI is cleared, where it was
And then having another one spawn at that point somewhere. So people have motivation to hunt for it, knowing there was one out there right then.