POI What can we expect? Mission feedback

I kind of like POIs, i like its harder but as i wrote elswhere its a bit wrongly hard. Also i was interested what can be set in this area for aliens, alien turrets etc.

Also, i want to ask if something can be done with how aliens are shoting, in FPS there is probably most of flame when someone is using aimbot, some ppl are realy good, but there is still some time for bullet to travel so there is some chance to hide, also sprinting and such plays role. In Empyrion nothing of it matters, its just bam and done, so is there a chance this will improve?

Simply put are admins able to set some properties when it comes to alien combat skills, if so, which one?

Also, it was fun to use drone to scout ahed, why that is turned off, i expect some exploit?!


People where using the drone to go in and loot the containers without running the poi.

Hmm its sad that every interesting feature in any game is always used to just exploit and then its gone. Thanks for info Kogami, The Glass Ship Owner :smiley:

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Nope, sadly we can’t control the Alien behavior except saying “Easy, Normal, Hard”; and we have set it to hard of course.

As I announced in the other topic: some POIs needs teamwork what we like but some are too crazy hard, these will be adjusted.

But if you ask what you can expect, I am really lacking in feedback about the current ones (overall + missions).
I put for example 3 full days only in the Elemental Space Race.

How you guys like it or don’t like it? My signal stuff working, so 2 or more people can run it? Was the time too short, too long? You need more drones / obstacles?
I only know that the trigger plate just in front of the portal got sometimes overjumped by some impatient people, so the PDA didn’t trigger the task.

Did you run the EB Heist Mission? I know that you never ever can solve this with 2 people. But as a four team it should work. You saw the insane reward of this mission? Boosters till season 10?

You tried the updated Combat Testing facility? Timer is ok?

Alien Asylum? Energy Plant? Madness Pyramid? Top Gun? Alien Runner?

I’m bit sad I didn’t hear feedback after spending literally weeks into them… :crying_cat_face:

Hi @RexXxuS

I got you covered :slight_smile: some feedback (but please keep in mind I do all these Solo so my feedback is biased as such.

1- elemental space race, very cool in concept, but super easy to complete. Didn’t need ammo, just a bit of fuel, 2 mins and I have my epic and 50k. He’ll of it didn’t have cool down I’d live there. Put more drones and more ships you have to watch for, this way as a player and you’re in the lead for the race you’ll be the one running head first into enemy CV or drone and can get wiped. Also it’s a race only first person should win :slight_smile:

2- POIs these to me even as Solo are easy (I’m in particular talking about the ones you can actually destroy blocks. You almost never need to go in, just hover in sv/hv and blow **** up then simply walk in to grab loots. Even if some have a lot of turrets, any reasonably well designed sv can take them easy. Honestly to me POIs need to be such that SVs can only destroy turrets, then you’re on your own inside.

3- alien asylum: my favorite. Now this one is very hard, but that’s not my problem with it, my problem is that for me solo player 1 hour is just not enough. I literally went once in the most efficient way I can, didn’t die once, still ran out of time. Missions with portals (where you can go do it again) need to be hard, because you can keep trying them over and over and getting loot. Even without finishing it and just grabbing what I can from rooms I cleared before the 1 hour time clicks down I now have hundreds of epics and boosters. My feedback is have time (if possible) be related to how many players enter ( the more players the less time) and reward should be at the end not throughout.

4- just general feedback: enemies shoot through walls. This is so annoying
POIs become indestructible when planet turns PVE so can’t even take turrets out

Thanks again! Hope feedback helps

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Thank you very much Rexxx.

I see, i was affraid of something like that. I guess ill add more in future but for now…
Biggest issue is their behavior. POIs are nice i would say. Its fun its different than space ships.

But what i dont really like and you probably cannot change according to your post is this:

Alien reaction - They simply shoot exactly same time as they see your center. There are some ways how to avoid it, keep them dancing with miniguns so they dont shoot, shooting with AoE weapons and killing them behind corner, some of us flying in POIs in miniSVs etc.

Alien precision - This is simply crazy, its 100% accurate aimbot

Alien damage - Now here laser rifle or pistol or what that green thingy is works for me, because when they see me and shoot my health rapidly goes down but i have like second to hide, run out of their LoS. Then i can do something to refresh myself. Those other ones which oneshots, thats simply too much, like way too much theres nothing you can do, if you dont use some kind of “exploit” its impossible.
Now of course you can have armor boost, but on many planets you can or you will freeze and rediation kills you - Trinity. So its connected to a bit OP weather conditions.

Doors - thats real issue, it blocks explosins or something, and also has much larger colision box. In Alien Spy center Trinity it seems like my plasma simply wont pass that blue shield in doors, simply doors are broken as f.

Decorations - this is another broken thing, they just made box around them and thats it, so you clarly have LoS on Alien bastards but your fire gets stucked on this invisible barrier.

So…close quarters like on ALien SPy Center i belive it is on Trinity, where you jump down in small room aand open doors…thats mayhem but in bad meaning. You suffer there badly not because bad preparations but because how Eleon broke it completly.
They did one really amazing thing if i understand it, they made colission/hitbox on doors larger so aliens wont be vissible through doors, partially passing them.
They should make that circle around alien to fit whole alien in this collision circle, intstead of breaking doors.

I think under current conditions which are bad, you can make hard point “longer” to do better than full of small, full of decorations rooms full of enemies. Its so frustrating when you see you should hit enemy but also you see that because its broken you cant.

You might try medium setting and spawning more of them or so, i guess hard is that 100% aimbot, on lower they will be more “real” able to do mistake. They can shoot above now so…
Imagine room like some yard. Enemies are at your level, but also on some walkway above you, you are under attack of many of them, but they do less dmg with less accuracy…like some gunfight, now you open door and in that very moment you are death.

Haha long story…simply if Eleon wont do anything about their on foot combat screw up, consider making alien strenght in numbers not aimbot cheating :slight_smile: Some CPU will have to count them all…i dont know its hard as usuall Rexx

so again: the alien POIS Alien Fortress on Pirate origin, and die Alien listening Post on Xosa are buggy. In both POIS some turrets and Spawner are indestructable, thus causing infinite Aliens (and among them the beloved shotgun-alien-sub-species-aim-botting-shot-in-the-head) ones.

the listening Post is buggy in a few ways: First the annoying never ending meteor storm on Xosa (that only appears if you die once on the planet and only stops if you leave the atmosphere and come back. The meteors struck right through the pois wall and damage you everywhere…)

2nd: A few spawners and guns in the POI are undestroyable.

third: if you die in the poi you spawn directly where you have died. Thus in front of the friendly shotgunt-alien ready to shoot you in the face again.

which once again triggers the meteor storm to come… which then makes it impossible to leave the place, because you are dying nonstop. (only leaving to cv would work then)

Which last but not least leaves Xosa as PVP Playground (at best) but all the POIS there are nearly impossible to get close to (because of the eviromental damage caused by meteors, radiation (70 rads) and so on. Strangly enough: there are plenty small villages on this planet and i wonder how they can handle the constant meteors… (some kind of shielding technology?)

Pyramid Map: Is it doable alone? i want to test it with some friends today, so you get some response to that. if i die in that instance do i lose all my stuff forever?

ok pyriamid is not working either. Same Meteor bug. If you die once… they start coming and won’t stop. you can’t get your stuff back. Also the heat on the pyramid is killing you no matter what. It does not work.

The elemental Space race has a lot of potential, but I think it definitely needs some work. I’m not sure if you;re looking for this to be a race between actual people or not, but right now (since ALL SVs have the same max speed) the winner is the person who gets into and fuels their SV first. As stated before, you don;t need ammo as the drones can’t catch you if you just floor it all the way through.

  • The checkpoints
    - I think they are waaaaay too far apart with essentially nothing but empty space between. Since SV’s have the same max speed, there are no opportunities to pass someone. If it’s going to be called a race, there should be more opportunities to pass other people. Right now its goes through checkpoint, and holds “W” in a straight line towards the next one for 25 seconds. I think you can drastically shorten the distance between checkpoints, add a few more, and make the routes you have to take to go through them much more difficult (by forcing more weaving through asteroids and maybe a few more Space stations with drones and the like). Is there any reason the checkpoints can’t be like 150m - 250m apart instead of 1km-2km apart?

  • The Drones
    - They are, for the most part, useless if you only try to go for the checkpoints. There is no way any of the ships or drones in the instance can shoot you at max speed and they certainly can’t catch you. The only drone trouble I had was the first time I did the race and didn’t know you had to fuel the ship to make it through the whole race and was forced to stop - of course the drones destroyed me. I think if you added more forced curves and shorter distance between checkpoints, the drones would have more of an opportunity to get a hold of the SV and do some damage. This may also force the race participant to choose between an attempt to make it past the drones and trying to destroy the drones. I believe the race Mission itself states that you’re supposed to choose what is more valuable - the race or killing drones. Right now, the race is certainly more valuable (at least the first time you go in there).

  • The reward
    - Is it possible to give the winner something? The first person to cross the finish line should probably get some sort of reward (a tiny one even, just to make it worthwhile to try and race the other participants). I don’t know if it’s a limitation of the game or not, but having a clear “winner” would make the race exponentially more satisfying to those who participate. It would maybe even give people reason to do it again after the initial reward of completing the mission.

  • Dying

    • Again, I’ll add the disclaimer that I don’t know the limitations of instances or the game’s code, in general, so I apologize if this is not viable - Is it possible to remove the inventory you enter the instance with? What I mean is, if you go in there with a full inventory of ore, or an epic or two, or just an inventory jam packed with crap, is it possible to go through the portal and have a fresh inventory (until the instance closes)? That way, if you do die in the instance and can’t get your crap back, you don’t get forced to warp out and lose everything you had. Maybe make the race participants loot a crate by they’re respective ships that contains some fuel and ammo and place it into the ship instead of having people come with their own fuel and ammo. This one is probably stupid, but I know when I died in the instance the first time I did the race, I nearly lost an enormous load of stuff simply because I wasn’t aware of the risks involved with the race. That could just be my mistake though.
  • More participants
    - Now this one is a bit of a stretch but it’s an idea you may like. What if, instead of just 6 people racing, there were other participants who took the place of drones in the instance. People whose lone aim is to destroy the people in the race with the SV they’re given. Essentially, 2 “teams” of people. If one team finishes the race, they win. If the attacking team destroys all race particpants, they win. The winner gets a reward. Just a potential idea - I don’t know how possible this would be to implement with the game’s current status.

I know the time you have to make all the huge changes before the July 7th wipe is dwindling. This feedback might be late, but I figured I’d toss in my 2 cents.

Either way - Thank you guys for a great server and the work you do on all this stuff.


Hmm what about if you had to dodge something while flying bullets maybe, the process of dodging reduces speed allowing people the opportunity to pass. I think plasma turrets would be nice as they aren’t the fastest but if it hits you its over and maybe having them shoot from almost directly in front reduces the tracking required compared to if it was firing at a right angle.

One other thing I’ve noticed only recently - The Drone base POIs ont he starter planet (at least on F1) are absolutely insane for a faction of 2-3. Me and a friend went for the Alien Drone base multiple times and had absolutely no chance. We we’re able to destroy the turrets, but the incessant, non-stop spawning of aliens and Mech units made getting any further essentially impossible. You’ve stated that you want some of the POIs to be team-oriented, but such a requirement on the starter planet(s) may be a bit overkill. MANY people don;t have the faction resources or regularly active players to be able to get 4-5 people on at the same time to finish what should effectively be the base-level POI.

With that said, I don;t think it should be EASY to get in there. But if the way to add difficulty to a pretty simple POI is to CONSTANTLY spawn Aliens and Mechs, the fun is kind of sapped out of it. There are a significant number of smaller factions (fewer than 3 or 4 people) that have no chance of completing a POI on the starter planet past the “Abandoned Base”, or the “Vessel Fuselage”, etc… I WANT to do the dome, I WANT and have tried on multiple occasions to destroy/loot the Alien drone base on F1 with no success. I can’t speak for higher level POIs, but the POIs on starter planets should be reasonably difficult - even kind of hard - for a faction of 2 or 3 with starter level equipment. Right now, they are impossible without a larger faction. Usually, larger factions have full OCD’s that make them want to just warp sled out of starter and build their fat PVP ships (and I don;t blame them at all). I just don’t think the truly rewarding POIs on starter planets are viable for the majority of factions that would attempt them.

Then again, I’ve noticed that you are trying to get people off starters as fast as possible. Again - just my 2 cents.

Or maybe I;m just a fat noob who can;t complete a POI… I honestly don’t know.

As always - great work guys. The server is top notch.

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they are very dangerous, unfair even. I cleared some POIS alone. (The Pirate POI a few times) and died many times while i was doing that.

The trick was: i needed a sv as backup so i could kill the enemies next to the door an artillery base to destroy the turrets of the POI (because everything else was destroyed in seconds no matter how hard i was trying to dodge the turrets) and if i got into the base i had seconds to destroy as many spawners as i could with rockets and Pulse Lasers: Weapons you almost certainly don’t have early game.

(with rocket launcher and plasma weapons it is possible to destroy some spawners even if you don’t see them. Otherwise the POIS tend to overload with alien reinforcments but they despawn after some minutes which gives you a small window of oppertunity to destroy further spawners.

without explosions it’s even harder. You could attack the POI on starter (at least the ones i know) from two sides. (on top and in fron are doors)
to distract the aliens and use explosives (the bomb) to destroy as many spawners as you could but it does not work very well.

Then again: some turrets and spawners seem to be undestructable on some pois which makes the matter even worse.

But the loot is great and measured on the time you need to get it it might be even worthwile… but then again it’s incredible frustrating to get it.
As the Admins are working on the POIS right now i hope there will be some changes but what i have seen so far they do a good job.

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@Achilles @RexXxuS one quick question, will POIs that existed in Sanctuary this wipe have a version in Main server or would I have to CSW to get to it. I’m mainly asking about Alien Asylum, and kudos on it indeed

Kind of the way it is now.
Sanctuary have 2 or so missions and the main server has a lot more other missions. Everyone should have fun everywhere.

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The drone base is perfectly doable alone without dieing within an hour or less. destroy turret with fast sv (turret tracking can’t handle anything moving above 3g) then land your cv next to poi, go back in sv, destroy turrets and spawners inside poi with sv through the entrance, take your trusty epic laser rifle to 4 HS kill aliens in a second, jump on the round block at entrance to destroy spawners in next room then destroy turrets, poi done, if too much aliens spawn, get in sv, they will certainly come at you.

First at some planets you don’t seem to have that moving speed (density?) so the guns hit you in the face no matter how hard you try to avoid it. So yes, if you get over 3 g (what seems not to be possible on every planet… maybe but if not, you are fooder for the guns)

So an easier way to destroy the guns is to place a small Base with an artillery gun in advance to an POI or to use a hover craft with artillery and hide behind som hills to get them one by one.

you can hit a few spawners with the SV but even with your trusty epic rifle it is not possible to kill the spawners so easily. Sometimes the shoots don’t explode and don’t do any AOE damage. (with a pulse rifle) i don’t know if its easier with a laser rifle. ´the epic sniper and t2 rocket launcher are nice to shoot around corners.

And yes your tactic is almost like mine… but i cannot do it without dying and i am sure that many people have the same problem there.

The patchnotes say that the POIS will be changed so i wonder how they will be after the wipe.

You can hover with your high acceleration (not speed) sv in front of base spamming adadadadad, your ship doesn’t move but projectiles turrets won’t hit, only hitreg (laser, 15mm, 30mm) and missiles will. I did severals drone bases with a shitty unarmored sv with 50 m/s² acceleration, not a single hit and I wasn’t moving, just spamming adadada to bug turret path prediction.

Spawners have a big square hitbox, you can destroy them without hitting the spawner model.

You need a gun with great rate of fire to prevent aliens shooting, the laser rifle is my favorite weapon (i think it has highest dps) but the minigun is good too.

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Wahahaha i remember doing this in skyrim xD I think the tracking is similar

Is the energy plant the 6 person one? If not I cannot for the life of me find it if its not the 6 person one. We tried heist a few times as a team of 4 but trying to get into the downstairs full of shotguns with a 10 minute timer is an effort in futility. We enjoyed Asylum and have certainly done this one the most. Top Gun we did 4 or 5 times but it just didn’t feel it was worth it. The rewards for Top Gun are probably good for its difficulty but it just isn’t worth flying out and doing it for the time spent vs reward. I never found combat testing facility either.

I am sure many people did not even find all of the missions this time around. Would be worth a poll to find out who did what mission?