Points, Points, Ponts

wow, so many points out there. perhaps there should be a guide that explains all the points and what they are for. well, here goes…

Empyrion XP: Used to level up your player to 25 in game

UP - Unlock points for the F3 skill tree in game

HWS XP (formally HWS RP) - Convert HWS DNA shards to HWS XP with the origin weapon equipment. for upgrading HWS connect features like OCD, bank, recycle, ect.

HWS Skill Tree Points - Used to upgrade in game HP, stamina, or hunger level. also can give in game XP&UP if chosen instead.

HWS Enhancement Upgrades (they are currently just called skill points) - Talk to the NPC on the second floor of the market Zone to upgrade individual game features like inventory stack size, weapon damage, warp drive jump range, ect.

I will add more as memory keeps serving…

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I have the feeling this isn´t mentioned enough, or i just missed the part in the tutorial. Even as a Veteran Player i was more focused on the new elemental stuff.

A lot of people are complaining about the new stack size and it looks like they dont know how to incrase this (except the real-money part as a Patreon). For myself i had to ask around on Discord to get the Info. Somebody mentioned that you loose stuff when players with different stack sizes open the same container. Is this intentional? How to solve/avoid it?

It also looks like the Guide in the Forum is outdated.

HWS Origin XP - HWS Guide / HWS Story - Forum HWS | Empyrion Multiplayer Homeworld Server (empyrion-homeworld.net)

Can you still generate passive RP like before with your Origin Weapon and another Item like Pentaxit or Autominer Cores?

This is not intentional.
Rex already knows about it, and he’s working on implementing a solution for it.