POI's buggy as hell

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Lava planet and other HQ POI doors stop working when bodies are stacked on them
Player(s) with issue: DAR Members working to complete missions
Server: North America
Time (cb:time): 1548 EST
Playfield: LAVAWORLD
Structure Name(s): HQ POI
Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now: Make it so you can blow the front door off or have a space that isn’t going to have aliens covering the sensors. I have lost numerous back packs because there is no cover and you can’t fight your way through ALL of the aliens and DRONES that spawned inside Plus deal with all of the buggy turrets shooting through walls. Oh and the aliens that are attacking through the walls.

Thanks, will look into it.
AI and signals are not the best thing to experience in this game…

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