Police ticket on behalf of a player

What happened: there is a hole in my bace and my stuff is gone
Player(s) with issue: jon
Server: Time (cb:time):
Playfield: Structure Name(s): EU Alliance HQ
Structure ID(s): 508396
What do you want us to do: restore lost items in base inc 150 autominer cores aprox

How is the stuff gone, was it removed from container or was the container destroyed?

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i cant say for sure but the hole in my base was near the box and the box is gone.

ah right so the whole box went with the blocks. What i can say for sure is that no player has been in your base and that it couldn’t have been player cause cos PVE. It has to have been drones before your turrets got them.

Its also impossible for us to verify what you had in any particular container so we’re going to struggle to help with this Im afraid.

ok its my luck this last few weeks with the bp loses and now this.

i understand it was a drone it is part of the game and it could of been an empty box for all you know.

thanks for looking into it for me and thanks to the police.
the game is better with them around.

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Thanks for saying so jon

Really good of you to say Jon, they work hard!! :slight_smile:

hi join is there anything i can help you with,i can give u some resourses and thing help you get back up

sorry jon

i am ok but thanks for asking.

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