Poll: What Event do you want next?

Poll: What Event do you want next?

  • Capture the base (known from Event #1 CTB)
  • Capture the flag (Team)
  • Alien Labyrinth
  • Alien vs Player Deathmatch
  • Hover PvP Race
  • SV Portal Race (known from Event #3 ISR)
  • SV / CV Deathmatch Free For All
  • Survival Puzzle
  • Fight for your Leader
  • Escort a EB transporter

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Events will start again!
Please chose your favorite event which should be next.

Quick explanation about the events:
#1: Some of you know it already: In the orbit is a Base which is heavy defended. In the base there is a alien container with an alien artifact in it. The first one who has this in his inventory wins a big reward!
#2: Capture the flag should be well known as well. Somewhere on a planet or orbit is a “flag”, a special item a team must capture and bring it to their “base”. (every team gets a base)
#3: Alien Labyrinth is a PvE maze with a lot of aliens in it. Try to fight your way through the center to get the reward!
#4: Aliens vs Player Deathmatch is a fight survival simulation where you need to kill every Alien in a given time.
#5: Hover PvP Race is a fun Hover Deathmatch with given checkpoints. Either the first one enters the goal wins or the last survivor
#6: SV Portal Race already happened in pre alpha and was really fun. The first one who fly through all portals wins the race!
#7: SV / CV Deathmatch FFA: Fight, survive, Fight!
#8: Survival Puzzle: You will be ported on a base where you need to solve different puzzles to reach the goal
#9: Fight for your Leader: Your commander will be kidnapped and you have to free him. But watch out the Pirates / Bounty Hunters who makes it not easy
#10: A EB CV Transporter is flying across the universe to the Elemental Bank. Make 2 groups. 1 Defending the transporter, 1 Attacking it. The winner gets big EC reward

Looks like an older topic, but i don’t see a way to place my vote, only can see the results.

Yep, that was the result from the first alpha event.
New event rotation coming soon.

What would the possibility be to create a defend the castle scenario? Where players interested get divided up into teams, and team 1 is given premade ships to attack with, and team 2 has a base they have to defend by placing turrets and operating them (they will be given turrets to place, so setup will be important)

Would give people who want to try pvp a good taste, without losing their ships/gear or whatever reason they don’t pvp. Winners get the best loot, losers get resource packages.

??? Thoughts?

I’d go for that, would be nice to have some consequence-free PvP.