Positive Post Request -- Good Things About Season 7.5!

Hoping with this thread to generate discussion on what you like about season 7.5, things you’ve seen or experienced that you especially enjoyed, and possibly aspects you want to see continued into season 8.0.

The server numbers seem to indicate there must be quite a few good things about 7.5. Please focus on positive aspects in this thread and reserve the problems, issues and frustrations you may have encountered for other threads.

For me, I am enjoying the new config meta. Its great to see time and effort spent in creative designing, building and testing a new sv/hv/cv/ba once again makes a difference in battle.

Thanks to AFT and Admins who put much time and effort into this (and put up with the normal grief and sorting through the diverse opinions that come with any proposed changes), and the many who offered valuable insight to put this together.


I jsut want to say the admins are doing a fab job they are so tired falling asleep at there computers only to be woken up by the police tickets theer getting not to mention the amount of tickets they fill in per day i can say that they have easily done 50 of them for just today between rexx and dee from this morning and yet they still answer people call for help and still help us out with our requests so we can help new players if this was rl i would be buying them cans of lager and lots of goodies to much on for the days ahead of them.
So a big Thankyou for me and gareth guys


I would like to have a shout out to the admins and other ppl who are involved in season 7.5. This has been a truely great season with alot of activity in pvp and the number of active players has increased. It has been really difficult for the admins to keep up with the problems that players are having and getting sooo tired and stressed. I just hope this continues to grow and the admins to reclaim their sanity as I’m surely loosing mine :stuck_out_tongue:

So a big thankyou to everyone that has been involved with 7.5, especially to Rexxx and Jasch and of course Dee for coping with us new police ppl :wink: and a big thankyou for another great season.

I hope Andrea and I continue to try and help the admins out with problems in game as I can only imagine the burden they carry.

So a big thankyou Admins for a great season.

All the best HWP


You guys do a great job with this server !

Dear Admins you guys rock !
HWS police you do a great job as well helping those newbies.


The new Meta and all the good fights on GG / HW has been a large part of my time this season. Its been so much fun.

As always the admins needs some rest. I realy hope you can sleep sometimes. You guys are doing a great job.

I have been here since 1.0 and has never seen a season with so much people on at all times. @RexXxuS Can you show us some stats for this season ?

I realy look forward to Season 8 and to see what we can improve with the meta and updates from ELON.




So much is improved this season, the general game performance is better, the new config file make PvP much more fun. The limits on bases etc have generally improved balance.

Then intruder warning system is working much better this season too.

Do you remember the (very generous!) Christmas countdown - that was great. I particularly liked the design of the Christmas trees that decorated the EGS (sometimes it is the little things that make the difference too me!)

Talking about designs, I know I have mentioned before, but I love the new professional image presentation to the logo’s, website etc - though my personal favourites are the downloadable PDF brochures from the garage :slight_smile: It is one of those areas that sets HWS far above other servers.

Community - the ongoing discussion in the forum appears to be far less mud slinging (so far) this season. A highlight has got to be the “gentleman’s agreement” between the big EU alliances on the rules of war on GG. No Admin rules put in place just a soft agreement between mighty adversaries.

Success breeds questions! I love logging in daily to the busy server all of the progress is attracting high levels of players, HWS is almost a separate game to the standard out of the box Empyrion, which brings a steep learning curve and lots of questions from new players, that the veterans take for granted (though I still am looking up things in the guide on a daily basis!). So much has happened, I am amazed how the admin team cope (whilst building more at the same time).

Sorry if this is a long list (and it is not exhaustive) but when asked to think about what has gone well this season, there is soo much to remember! :clap::clap::clap::clap:


For me it is most rich season for action. Rush with balance making and testing intertwined with huge fights on GG. :grinning:


Excellent season, great meta / config, loved the xmas presents, fantastic to have andrea and gareth helping ppl out so much, great work from them and most of all thanks to Rexx and Dee.

I feel like id like to rave review HWS on steam / empyrion but the server doesnt appear to need new players right now!

Im intrigued as to the future direction of EGS and in particular HWS and dearly hope that HWS can last and flourish in future.

best wishes extropy


7.0 and 7.5 have been fantastic lots of options for different play styles, the return of OP has been fantastic in helping build pvp presence


We tend to focus on the negatives so its good that a post like this (kudos to Swiss) is made to celebrate the very many good things that we’ve come to take for granted. Swiss and Sacred mention some of the big plus points (saves me the job) and personally the higher player retention has been very important for my playstyle.

Its also good to finally see some battles actually having an end - thanks AFT.

If only Eleon could sort the netcode/performance issues… Rex would have to get a server that could handle 1000 galactic survivalists :slight_smile:

Thanks admins… and able assistants :slight_smile:


This season is a lot of fun. The Admins and the Police are doing a great job and the improvements by AFT work fine. Also, some new allys tend to bring more movement to the Server.

We, the United Space Traders, try to improve trading with new ideas, like mobile Shop-Ships (coming soon), or the Traderstation.


A true entrepreneur ---- never miss an opportunity to market ones business! :wink:


Thanks a lot guys!

Beside all the negative stuff it really really is so nice to see also positive ones! Thanks for that idea @SwissSteel1 and everyone who share his / her thoughts.

It motivates us a lot to see our hard work for almost 2 years worked out - best so far in this season.

I think on every aspect we tried to improve but key notes to the “why” are for sure that we got more awesome help by @DeeExpus, @andreaHWpolice and @gareth. It makes a massive difference when all of our work is also transmitted to the players and player feel “Home” here at HWS. Our main philosophy.

But of course also because of the outstanding help of Jumalein for some POIs and Story behind them and @A.F.T who worked day and night very hard for our HWS Config which gives everyone, PvP and PvE a kind of new reason to play.

Last but not least to all the donator and supporter. Without all of you we couldn’t make this dream reality :slight_smile:

THANKS guys, really!

Well what I can share is for example that since the last full wipe we got on EU over 2400 players joined with 1325 active of these and over 1600 joined on NA with 879 active of these.
And since the start of HWS 7 we got over 2600 HWS Connect user.
Looking at the steam charts it means really a lot enjoying HWS overall


We are really happy to see that and trust me that @Jascha and me have never thought about that at the beginning. Well, we just wanted to make the best Empyrion Multiplayer server possible :slightly_smiling_face:


I haven’t explored much of the version or server, but I have got great response and feedback from @andreaHWpolice and the admins with problems we have had through the toughs time on this season, even @RexXxuS was helpful with the problems we have had and I am amazed with the responses and support we have got so it’s going to be fun to see the future of this community and how it goes!

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The Admins doing a great Job! Thanks so much for the support. :slight_smile:

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I like that the server is very stable and that there is minimal lag/fps lag. i found the admins/police very helpful and always willing to help.

only thing that its a bit hard for noobs to start with all the commands and thing you have to learn ontop of the base game.


I have found the game to be much better this season as a result of the new meta. No longer do I go into battle thinking - ‘my ship is so good that I cannot lose, but his is so good neither of us can lose’. The edge is back in the game. You can have a battle where there is likely to be a result, and that is good. Well done to @RexXxuS and @Jascha and all the HWS team for making the servers run as smoothly as is possible.


My son and I are enjoying the server. OAMs make PvP very viable.


I’ve got to say, my move over to HWS from elsewhere in the Empyrion universe has been fantastic. I like the dynamic personalities I deal with, I have fun exploring, and I’ve enjoyed the fights and friends I’ve made along the way. I’ve got to say that I really appreciate how accessible Rexxxus is, and the entire team has taken very serious issues and fixed them quickly and professionally. Plus, I checked out one of the two new pve playfields and I’m definitely a fan!


I’m loving all the newer players getting brave and mining gold on GG in secret. Creating lots of fun random action.