Potential game bug perhaps?

So after spending all day yesterday at the Sunday SV Showdown, I feel like I got a decent idea of what sort of damage you could expect to find happen to an SV given a certain amount of hits, in that particular situation. Well afterwards, during the free for all we (3 members of LoT) came across a player Aerdred. Great guy, had a blast hammering at each others ships, but I noticed something with the way splash damage was handled that could be moderately broken. In the course of an hour or so, we put several thousand (literally) homing missiles into his SV, and it did show damage, lots of it. But as soon as the flat surface was removed on the outside, it appeared that splash damage was negated by several layers of pyramids beneath. This is the only explanation I can think of for this particular type of behavior, as I could see that each block was taking damage, but not nearly as much was being applied to the ship in general via rocket hits.
Again, not a complaint, or accusation of any kind. I looked closely at the ship and have no doubt that no exploit was used. Rather, a curiosity that bears further looking into by game devs if they really are gearing 7.0 to be a pvp update. I am very curious to see what exactly would have caused this behavior, and if it could be brought closer to expectations of damage you would see applied to full blocks of the same type in the same orientation.

The fight in question was about 12:30 until 13:05 hours into my stream, with the sausage roll looking ship, over the showdown base. If @Aerdred is game, Id like to run a few test with that ship, with a copy made as he made it, and another with only solid blocks, and do a few (dozen) damage profile comparisons to see if I am just hallucinating, if it was a playfield issue, or if it really is how damage is handled on pyramid points as I suspect.

12:42:20ish: “It’s gonna be over pretty soon”
I can provide that blueprint if you want to look through and test, but I’d suggest it was more to do with there being so many little surfaces (and simply a lot of blocks) for the rockets to impact and explode with splash limited by location, as well as the rockets being spread when they hit. My main issue (clearly a big negative) once in the brawl and sitting on durability was losing weapons due to where I located them.

I know what ya mean, but here is the thing. We have taken down CV’s with SV’s in test way quicker than that ship went down. Let alone all the other monster block Sv’s during that event that we had no trouble taking chunks out of. Its odd.

Also this moment:


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Not really a bug or exploit per se. Just google Lag shot and White space in Empyrion. It’s the current answer to the issue where your core can get hit by a single shot that lags through blocks (ever have a core or fuel tank or ammo box destroyed and yet none of the surrounding blocks were affected?). Lookup the white space youtube video for tips on how to build a proper SV/CV similiar to the one in that video. You will get further in PvP with that.

Lol thanks for the tips bud, but I have been playing since before v4, and am very familiar with “lag shots”. And it is not at all what I am referring to. I am talking about how the rockets did not destroy as many blocks on this ship as it did on so many others, even with many many times more rockets. This goes far beyond whitespacing, which is not nearly as much of a concern anymore (though I am not convinced it is 100% fixed, since we saw one happen at the event yesterday. I have a theory that the splash damage does not calculate correctly on this ship for some reason, and will be running tests to verify, but didnt know if anyone else had looked into it before.

A scorpion!

I really suspect it’s just my epic building (mostly joking :P). I sent you a friend request in steam and the bp is in my workshop set at friends-only.

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@mcprouty This post is a little over the top lol XD nothing special about that ship, just built well and core in good spot. I watched video over and over… redundancy and all that. You know as well as I do, We’ve both seen some of my ships cut in half, if not more… and still flying just fine. It’s probably just a good build, with redundancy and white spacing. If you pay close attention you can see the rockets hitting and not exploding… that is normal thing now. It’s still doing damage but not the original damage it’s suppose to do. I’ve had it happen lots now. You probably thinking you were doing a lot more damage than you really were because of this. It’s something to do with the collision. Shooting turrets on bases sometimes takes like 10 rocket shots per turret when normal is 2 rocket shots each turret, besides arty/minigun because the rockets aren’t exploding. Usually only happens when a lot of lag or stuff on playfield. Honestly think rockets are a little messed up right now but that’s just me, earlier @Stunner666 was asking why his rockets weren’t exploding on @BigRed but I was watching, it was the same thing that happened in your video… he was hitting him but no explosions. Idk what causes it but it’s not the triangles, it does it to turrets and every other kind of block.

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I actually hadn’t lost that many devices; mostly armour. So, I was getting more and more agile and mostly using it to ram (probably pointlessly, but so was it all :stuck_out_tongue:). 1 ‘compartment’ of thrusters at the front had lost a couple of ammo boxes and you heard the chain, but most explosions were the weapons.
Oh, and fyi: my targeting Walloud early was to remove his guns as (I felt) they were the most reliable for me to target; actively targeting rockets in the ends of the longest arms of the Tearcatchers was more difficult, but I ‘was’ trying.

Colin is right. I dont know why but at the moment rockets make massiv Problems like he say. They hit but dont explode. Dont know why… but its hard in SV fights

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That’s what I want to narrow down with some testing, and present actual evidence to the devs, like what got them to realize that lagshots DO exist.

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My experience with pyramids, is that when a base arty shot or rockets hit them, it still takes a big chunk out of them. However I havent tried cubes since 5.0 … because of lag shots…

However SV fights in space make no sense, because the ships move faster than the rockets. Theres all kinds of problems with SV in space. SV"s are best on planet.

I am not a fan of the pyramid traingle count change if it happens, because it will be the 3rd time I will have to make new ships.

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So after one cursory round of testing, I think it may well have been a playfield load issue, on top of the shape of the blocks. As I said, I have no doubt that the damage was being done on impact, to the block that it hit. But it seems that the splash damage was not properly distributed, perhaps due to the high load and combat in the area. Unfortunately, this makes it harder to test and replicate. But the hunt continues.