Pre 6.0 full wipe announcement | Donation planets

Hey @everyone,

this is gonna be probably the last announcement before the 6.0 release and some maybe already smelled it - you have

approx. one week left

before the end is coming; before the full wipe is happen; before a new era of Empyrion begins!

I can’t spoiler how much will change or how much we still need to do for it but with the 6.0 release announcement you will read it very good!

One thing I promised is to release more details about the donator planets.
I release already a big topic about it but since then a lot have changed, mostly in the game development what I wasn’t aware of. This needs to be adjusted here and there, therefore I give short facts / summaries now.

First of all

Last call for existent planet donators

Everyone who has a donator planet till now has the responsibility to send me a forum pm / discord pm or email that he wants his planet in 6.0 to be active.

If I don’t hear from you till next week your planet will NOT be included and instead free for another player

2 month saisons

This is one of the biggest new changes for HWS. The runtime of a saison will be 2 months. So you can expect a full wipe every 2 month! Only exception is if a big empyrion patch coming a bit before or after this timeframe.

This means that every existent planet donator can keep his planet till end of 2017. Then it will be counted as for every new planet donator with 6.0: you can donate for your planet per saison. It is not permanent anymore.

General Planet information

  • every PvE unrestricted Planet will have set the surface to indestructible. But you can still style it as you wish. There is a property for it now
  • because it is easter you have to search for your donation planet - you will see very soon what that means - but I am serious about it :slight_smile:
  • donation planets can’t have teleporters / portals / instances. Only exclusion are event planets or special scenarios discussed with me
  • donation planets can’t have EGS zones. Only a NPC Trader zone if requested
  • just as an information: we can now also restrict planets only for specific steam IDs
  • the 300 playhour restriction before you can donate for a planet will be removed by considering the new balance changes
  • there can only be one HQ faction planet. Alliances are legit though. The intention is to not have one faction with multiple planets owned by them
  • there will be 16 donation planets available in total per server
  • a donation planet for one saison (2 month) will be 99 €


  • you pick one planet type per saison. No change inbetween
  • you can create events on your planet in cooperation with us
  • you can create your own planet / playfield.yaml and send it to us. We check it and implement it then
  • gravity, water and planets is free of your choice in reasonable manners

Four planet options

First: PvE restricted

  • you can have now only 1 common resource deposit / or meteorites you wish on the planet (sathium is also common now) (max. ~50k deposit amount) (max 3 ore nodes)
  • you will only have 1 (admin) POI (invincible) with infinite drone waves on the planet. It is just about infinite drones coming at you so you have a little loot but also take care of your structures on the planet. (this is optional, alternative is NO POI at all)
  • No taxes till you have 100 structures on the planet! As soon as you reach over 100 structures your planet will be taxed - for everyone on that planet! As soon as you fall under 100 structures the taxes are removed again.

Second: PvE unrestricted

  • PvE unrestricted: max. amount of structure are increased on the planet per player / faction
    you can choose 3 common resources (max. ~50k deposit amount) (max 3 ore nodes per resource)

Third: PvP unrestricted

  • PvP unrestricted: you can choose up to 7 common resources + pentaxid! (max. ~50k deposit amount) (max 3 ore nodes per resource)

Fourth: PvPvE rotation (unrestricted)

  • PvPvE: you can choose 7 common resources you wish (max. ~50k deposit amount) (max 3 ore nodes per resource)

What will be wiped?

Please read the last section here:

So happy waiting till the end.

Your HWS Team

Are you saying ‘reward’ planets are in their own orbit, then the rest of the universe is in another orbit along with ‘hidden’ donator planets? Basically like Homeworld orbit?

I don’t really get ‘pvp restricted’ planet…what are you going to let only certain players come down to pvp?

If 6.0 is coming out in a few days then, why not release full HWS plans now so we can have a few days to prepare? I would at least like to see the universe map.

Booyahh I believe this is only effecting Donator Planets, not the main game planet/layouts etc… the main game/planet layout is the big supprise, id be guessing!

I do however thing 2months per session is rather short, especialy for people just starting out playing the game, slow progression along with limited playtime of new players, will be harmed by a 2month session time. Likely too put some existing players and new players off even starting if they are gonna be wiped every 2 months…

Just my thoughts!
Good Luck All

I edited my sentence. Maybe it is more clear now. One orbit = all sanctuary planets.

Now as you ask… actually not needed anymore I guess.
Before it was like: guy with a ship entered planet, didn’t read, lost his ship but got warped out. In PvP people could kill his ship then.
But now the guy AND his ship will be warped… I get rid of this option then.

  1. some things are still in ongoing
  2. some stuff is a surprise and would influence too much the current gameplay
  3. there won’t be an universe map anymore…

you have to search for your … planet - you will see very soon what that means - but I am serious about it :slight_smile:

Well almost not anymore… people will respect the fa:scan soon a bit more I guess.

From our experience this is just the best time where the game still runs “fine”. HWS 5.0 ran now for four months. It was “dead” almost 2 month ago. So a perfect time.
And yes, maybe this will be true for other servers but HWS has just too much of backup plans and keep over options where this shouldn’t be an issue.

At least taking the advantages of regular changes etc. into account.
It is a test - we will see

Can I suggest making the admin POI mandatory on ALL donator planets, regardless of option?

Edit: all donator planets and PvE playfields except EM?

Edit2: ok, let’s just go full retard and say ALL playfields except EM??

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As someone who owns a legacy planet this is more than fair. It is unreasonable to
expect to own the planet forever.

If any Donor planets are left I would like to grab a second one. A PvP unrestricted
in Donor orbit would go along way to keeping the Veterans away from new players.

There is a player war on NA. Most players have chosen sides already or wish to
remain neutral. If any of the allowed for donor planets go unclaimed Op4 alliance
will buy it then donate back as a place for us to have our player wars.

@RexXxuS sent you info for Op4s planet.

@RexXxuS Who do we contact to get on the list for 6.0 donator planets?

Two months seasons?? Bye bye for me .

Let me check your intention behind this constructive post…

Ah! Got ya.

Bye :wink:



By my way of playing, I’m not interested in a server, where every two months will be wipe. But I say that for me. I still recommend this server. Is my opinion, with this I do not want to make controversy, six wipes (minimum) a year, to me they seem too many

Sorry for my bad english

and one more thing. Because you put my player data?. Are you laughing at my 250 hours of play? I do not understand :frowning:

Ok here is the explanation:
HWS 2 and 3 had almost a runtime of 2 months. HWS 4 a bit longer. HWS 5 was just a luxury to have it running 4 months!
That was not only bad in player motivation terms but also regarding Hardware. The game isn’t meant yet for a longer runtime. At least not if you want fun for everyone / everything.

Maybe in the future 3 month are also good but currently 2 is more than ok;


What you don’t understand is that we have a feature called OCD (and others). But with OCD you can save your items persistent. Forever. There is no much tears left over for a wipe. Just upgrade your OCD and you laugh at full wipes, not at OCD level 1 images.

Hope it got more clear now.

It’s very difficult for me to express myself in English, so I apologize if I do not understand myself. I understand perfectly why you have to do a full wipe. I know all the server utilities. But 2 months seems like a very short season. 3 months as you said before I looked perfect … but two months seems very short. More than a month ago announced the 6.0, and from that date and knowing that there would be a full wipe people began to lose interest, waiting for the new season.

Really do not you think excessive 6 wipes a year? I see it very excessive. I would like to know the opinion of other players. Maybe it’s just me who thinks so. Again, I say this is my personal opinion. I do not want controversy or anything like that

Since you asked for other opinions, 2 months is a starting point based on 18 months of server history. We known4 is way too long base on 5 experience, and we know 2 is great from early HWS experience.

I do agree that 2 months isn’t very long to establish a sense of home and all that, but I also agree that let’s start at KNOWN GREAT, and make changes from there.

6 wipes a year means 6 opportunities to improve.

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2 months also helps us develop. If there are big gripes about changes and features it means players don’t need to wait as long

This means we can focus more on the player side of things instead of committing time to quick fixes etc.

As the game progresses it will become longer and longer.

Having Ocd means that you don’t lose anything… Don’t know of many players that have ships & bases 2 months old… Defo not in pvp and in pve only the donators and maybe some reward planet guys.

We lost a bulk of players around 2 months ago. Usually there is a steady stream before a wipe and then a mass influx after… But this time round we have had a very low stream of players to normal which indicates players are bored and ready for a new build.

It has always been just over a few months sometimes less. Every one has different opinions on this I imagine but at this alpha stage performance and stability is the most crucial aspect of the server :slight_smile:

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I’m wondering also if the 2 month season give people a chance to try out the various origins, change their stripes and reinvent themselves. One season someone’s a pirate looting traders, the next he’s a guardian protecting them… will be interesting to see if the community allows that from a “grudge” POV.

While I am certainly willing to wait and see how it plays out but I feel like 3 months is a more sweet spot

I think three months would be more reasonable. Plenty of time for us to enjoy ourselves and keep up server maintenance.

I would agree with the 3 month wipe. 2 months is a bit short.