Pre 6.0 full wipe announcement | Donation planets

Will it still transfer in full if the amount exceeds the maximum 250k allowed for bank without the donation package? @RexXxuS

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Same as from HWS 4 to 5. That limit doesn’t count for it.

You would get 700k credits

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Thank you

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So with 2 month server wipes, will my do:bp and do:re refresh every 2 months? currently it refreshes after every full wipe.

that would be the other benefit. Even though we would have to see if it is balanced.

Wonder how many of the folks hibernating right now and reading this realized that they could be logging i to 6 with 3.5M credits easily if they had simply warped a few times a week. :slight_smile:

So hint: while your gathering resources for OCD, don’t stop earning RP!!

Still really hoping for some more modular control from the game to allow for rp rewards for things actually related to a role…

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Any Donor planets still available? I’d like to pick up a full time pvp
to go with helhiem. Obviously let any who wish to get their first planet do so.

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As already said - till 6.0 we have to wait. There is only a little note list for me who has interest. If 6.0 comes out and some didn’t report back we can see if there are planets available.


Woohoo - the fog of war I guess? )))

How will the 6.0 full wipe effect the following:

  • Currently available Credits

  • Contents of current OCD

  • Current status of Autominers

thank you.

See guide - last section:

thank you rexxx, didnt see the drop down arrow previously.

I don’t know, for $440CAD, I’d expect my donator planet to last a year or two.


It’s only 100 usd in 6 for a season

One thing that really concerns me is putting all these planets in a single play field. Did something similar like this back on the Sins of a Solar Empire server when it was still up. There was frequent lag and play field crashes. Have you tested all of the planets in a single play field yet?

I don’t know that server but technically / performance it is better to have multiple planets in one orbit rather than multiple planets in multiple orbits.

But of course we never had the usecase of over 15 planets in one orbit. We have to see how it goes but if I encounter warp problems along the testing state I split it to two orbits again.