Pre HWS 13 -20% Sale from 1th - 4th August | Thanks to our HWS Patrons! ⭐

Dear HWS Community,

with HWS 13 knocking on the door at 5th August, I decided to run a “Empyrion Release20% sale at the upcoming weekend, from Saturday 9AM to Tuesday 9AM.

With that sale I will also activate our special packages like the Keep Permanent 100m Credits one, which is only available during special events like this one.

Note: The 20% Discount is stacking with your Patreon Discount . So the max. amount of Discount this weekend is up to 50%!
Read more about the Patreon Benefits here:
Note 2: If you plan to join us on Patreon, please do so at the start of the month to avoid double charges.

Again this time, I offer a 7 day-back-compromise. If you bought something the previous 7 days, we can arrange something else with the differences. Contact me via PM in that way.

Thanks to our HWS Patrons

Last but not least a big shoutout to our HWS Patrons! We reached an incredible monthly support for what Jascha and I do every month. It was similar like HWS in general, we would never thought it would be such a success.
I am really thankful and appreciate that you give us your hard earned money!

You sponsor the HWS Meta planet, for everyone to enjoy. Many don’t even know that.

So I can’t thank you often enough and many others too I think :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to see you in HWS 13 which will be hopefully the beginning of a much longer journey, no matter what Eleon will be doing.

Your HWS Team


Once the recycle is moved, what about the Bank? For 1 month of the season, many did not have time to buy what they wanted because of their reputation. Can it be possible to transfer the Bank’s level?

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Great suggestion in discord. Wanted to make sure it came here too

[ABN] Cyanfire700 :

I believe I read somewhere that you were letting Recycle levels carry over to next season (Thank you for that). Maybe consider taking the “Keep EGS Recycle Level after full wipe” Supporter package from the store. Since there is no need to actually purchase it for this season. Some people might not realize that they don’t need it.

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I just bought “Keep Recycle” yesterday, and if that’s the case, RexXxus can consider it a donation.


Or do as i had to do… buy gold…
Marked is the winner :+1:

I also would highly request that EB level would transfer.
EB is used by vast majority as an investment with the premise of profit during the season.

Having the season cut to just 1 month means players who invested into EB this season are going to lose money in the long run, in addition to tying the money down in the first place alongside RP to make the upgrades. Not to mention all the other annoyances this season had to offer, the players who stayed and continued upgrading will be punished for it.

I throw this argument really carefully and I sincerely hope to be wrong and this topic is simply overlooked, but I honestly can’t see any other reason for wiping EB after such a short season than the intent to ‘force’ donations. There is no other reasonable purpose of EB than the profit made during season, at least nothing that would justify hundreds of millions of credits and big chunk of RP as investment.


Can I buy EGS Recycle in the sale now for next season (5th Aug.)?

Yes, it does stack. Hence I didn’t see a reason to hide it, as some suggested. Please verify after 5th August if Jascha implemented it as we announced.

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Due to issues today I extended the period until final tomorrow, 5th August 5PM.