Pre HWS 7.X Announcement

If Stargates become better, would it be possible to let them be player-placeable, and allow travel between PVE and HQ playfields?

That would be a great convenience thing for moving around and parking a few ships in different areas, without having to get rides or use warp sleds.

For bonus points- have an ECC stargate, that people can use to warp to ECC on foot, and have the ECC side of the gate return players to a private/faction owned stargate, or the last used gate… somehow…

  1. Are submarines coming … ? :slight_smile:
  2. Can we donate by bitcoins ? :slight_smile:

I launch F&R Bank bank deal at the summer, and some bitcoin deals at same time …

Most unfortunate typo in history? :thinking:

Could this cause issues if we have ammo stored in OCD?
"- Added: New Items: CAREFUL! Ammo was lowered, this could cause bans if you don’t do a wipe/fresh start! Turn of Autoban at the beginning"

Do you realize that HWS is the one that created the Anti Hack/Admin tool? So we are fortunate in knowing that few issues will arise from the update. Would not be surprised if we have been testing things for them the last few months. Another reason HWS is at the top.

OK. This was just a heads up for anyone who did not read it on Eleon. If you get banned, this should be the first question you ask. I for one will be starting a new season with a bunch of ammo that I stored from this season. If this triggers a ban…?

OCD has its own stacks but Jascha will make sure that it all happens legally in the end so no one will be banned. No worry :slight_smile:

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