Pre HWS 7.X Announcement

Hey @everyone,

it’s time for our old ritual!

HWS 7.X / Full Wipe is coming as soon as the next big Patch is released to public!

Probably before christmas. The X-mas event will be adjusted properly then.

Also we will reduce the confusion about seasons. At the moment we are running season 2 but some people think it is season 7.
A season will be just the general knowledge that we have a runtime of 3 month if nothing interrupt us. So every 3 month we wipe or some people have to redonate for some features.
Otherwise the HWS Number represents how often we had a full wipe already (well, not counting the HWS 6.X mess).

HWS 7.X will be bit special this time since we don’t change the universe the first time after a full wipe! As announced my goal is now to polish the universe until perfection instead of catching the unknown every time.
I mean it might change but very slightly.

What is coming in HWS 7.X

So what will be the deal with the next season? I try to summarize it in some categories:

  1. one or two big unknown surprises ( for now. I will edit here as soon as the EXP got released ). Some maybe know it already. It has major impact on the PvP community

  2. all frequent used planets will be set to procedural planets again. We gathered the experience that the new handmade / splatmap planets consume too much performance.

  3. time is a bit missing but except the HWS Connect 3.0 relaunch, which will change your gameplay also a lot, we want to start improving our Origin system. Making it meaningful to play as a group. Rewarding or punishing the whole Origin. Having real Origin goals per week to achieve for example.

  4. all POIs will be “HWS formed” for MP. No more missing POI, no more broken POIs. All have an admin core and will regenerate properly from time to time.

  5. improving the starters even more. Taking the feedback we’ve got from HWS 7 (yes, even the Cryo L1 Prison one)

  6. as usual more PDA missions. We need way more and there are so many ideas…

  7. Stargates 2.0. If everything goes as expected the era of Stargates are coming. Bit late and they got some bad reputation but that will be history soon! Fixed®

  8. Some general gameplay optimizations regarding limits, map descriptions, EGS Bunkers, no bases on some high reward PvP planets, cool sub planets with a story, etc.

So yeah, not a big new HWS feature but everything what we have will be improved non-stop.
Also revisit again our goal to provide the best gameplay possible for PvP and PvE. I think there are still some major improvements possible to make everyone happy.

Keep also in mind that with HWS 7.X all Donator Planets / Spaces will be gone and it is starting fresh for everyone again (you have to redonate for them). (per season)

Last reminder: Sanctuary will be shut down with the full wipe! So please transfer your stuff over to the main servers! Donators for the server should contact us and we will transfer it to the main servers also.

If you have any feedback feel free to share and as always prepare well for the next season by leveling your Elemental Bank, Orbital Auto Miner and Orbital Cargo Drone.

Your HWS Team

P.S.: Alien Cores are allowed to store in your OCD level 5+ now.


Is it bad thing to ask if there will be OCD wipe? :joy:

Thanks for info, we love info! :heart_eyes:

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Looks great, really excited for it! Also very happy to see:

HWS has gone into beta!! wooo now for Eleon ^_^.

I am concerned with this. What is to stop people from griefing from within an Origin. It would be easy enough to create a alt and leave entities around taxing the entire origin or restricting Origin from receiving RP. Can their be a reject Origin that people get voted into that has horrible stuff. Make it so if enough Factions in an Origin vote specific players or entire Factions out of their Origin into the “Bad Apple” Origin.

To get out of the “Bad Apple” Origin you have to pay credits and reputation and be voted in by a majority of the active factions.

This will foster factions working together or at the bare minimum being civil inside Origins.

Active faction is defined by voting. If you don’t vote you aren’t considered active for that vote.

You really don’t have to worry about alts, they stick out like a sore thumb if they do that. Also we recently had 5 factions then it got optimized into 3 so I doubt going back up to 4 would be a consideration. Unless 4th faction is just for prisoners xD.

Sadly your idea can again be abused. Certain people not liked voted off for no reason but someone wanted to?
I trust in HWS that if they implement something they have thought of how it Will be exploited. I mean as it is they deal with a ton of exploits now so they have experience.

I am curious what awaits us next Season… And in the mean time - say goodbye to the last Season:

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Could make it so legit (i.e. No family sharing) accounts can play on HWS. Wouldn’t affect me.

Nice video, and you have beutifull voice Whizz.

Sometimes i have to look at whole server from different than PvP perspective, it feels like i miss half of it. From rumors i heard there are also other planets than GG but its hard to belive it.

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  1. LIMIT the POI count. It is laggy sometimes. Like Zirax planets now. And remove this big offensive BA’s from GG (left maybe 1 not 3).

  2. Make resoures more separated. Not all res in one system (like blackhole) lets get back to the origins. Ere and Zac must be in different playfields. Like Magnesium. Not only SAN server (for me and some other it is unplayable because of ping) Remove SAN maybe better pay for more strong hardware for EU\NA servers

  3. Make planets more unique! Look on the our solar system. Like venus for example or titan (only SV HV if you go outside you die). If be honest i never landed on 50% of the planets in 7.0. Because they like brothers. Need some exploring adventures. Like in old good times. If i need alien thorn i need go to alien planet. Get back barren planets (idk why you remove it - maybe some bugs with it).

  4. Add some moon for sathium mining. For example remove some planet from some systems - adds some moons.

  5. REMOVE space peacekeepers. Or make it PVE\PVP rotation. For some pefromance. Make core limit to origin systems before tax. 100 cores. Add more limits. For it. Now it is a garbage. And all PVP systems exept GG is empty.

  6. For guys who can live without mess on PVE. Make HWS planet. With donator rent. For example if faction want a live here (1 BA 3SV 3HV 2CV limit) they need make some donations per season (idk 10-15 euro). It like donator planet but not 1 planet for 1 faction. Maybe 1 HWS planet for 10 - 15 factions. Good for server good for players. And maximum 15 faction can rent it. (135 cores).

  7. Ask Eleon make something with the perfomance. Another nerf of turrets count or weapon - i cant handle with it. I want some creativity. It is bad way. If you cant fix the game and start cut it. Maybe for new pluyers it is good - fllower hand weapons and etc But i think this gam about ship building not about growing tomatos. But maybe they need start new kickstarter company for a collect money. IDK i play in DU tests (yeah iam pre-Alpha tester) and i can say - in empyrion iam feels better. Eleon just need some push and money. And new engine with MP orientation. And it is game can beat many other MP games. Maybe they chooe wrong way at the start (SP sandbox). So kets show them the right. Even if they can make a stable game with 200 players on server - it is will be awesome. -IMHO.


I agree with AFT

Di you have a date for the wipe? 31/12/2017 at 23.59 :joy:

Normally (and I guess in this case) everything in your OCD carries over to the next season :slight_smile:

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Maybe Rexx will wipe Ere Zas and Mag as in the previous wipe to prevent Rare res be ammassed and demolish his desire of a real PVP for Res

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I think from this quote your prayer has already been answered A.F.T :], what Eleon could do for future is have portal lead to “local instance on your pc or separate server” for a poi, but that might be awhile from now if ever. xD

so when we can expect the wipe? is there some date? there will be lots of pre-new-year activities IRL so do not want to pass up wipe.

No given date yet. Only what I wrote already

Probably before Christmas.

Is the donor space base admin core that was talked about before still an option?

If there is coming a global update, then there will be a exprerimental at first, so keep an eye out for that :slight_smile:

Looks good Rexx, looking forward to a new season! Been to much away this one (and the one before that) so maybe the next will be the one where i can make it for the ocd6 :smile:

And with better pvp performance maybe cumming… hmm… I am for sure considering go lawless for once :sunglasses:

Keep up the good work


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In theory it sounds still fun but nobody have sent me blueprints to suggest as options or check how we can set them up properly :wink:

A link for that request? Could be fun trying to make a base =) pvp or e?