Prediction of Nostradamus!

This is about new OP in Alpha 7.0. Make your choice. Let’s try to predict the future!

After release of Alpha 7.0 and some time RexXxuS do:

  • Kill the OP after a week or two - because it is madness
  • Keep the OP for all Alpha 7 - because it is cool feature.
  • Modified it based on players feedback and keep it.
  • He leaves in a vodka binge for the wailing and moaning on the forum.

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Нифига не понял …

афт неадекват, потянуло его на выборы почему то )

Мне просто интересно оправдаются ли мои догадки. А ты свои тупые комментарии оставь при себе. Тебе один хер есть или нет ОП.

“Modified it based on players feedback and keep it.”

That is the best one but… what feedback? OP v7 is already from feedback made

So let’s hear it :popcorn:

RexX please vote! I’am just interesting a fate of the OP in hte future.

P.S. If it really work corret it is good. But IMHO it is need more deep remake.

For me OP must be like a structure with admin core - no damage, no shooting only more antigriefing distance (to prevent enemy base building around) and OP will do not work if it close to the deposite (400m), NO deadly blue field.

I agree on the deadly bluefield… If the turrets will keep fireing from now, just let the blue field block players…

If the servers fill, I think OP should make a comeback. Until then, there is no need for it. It’s easy to hide on NA. ;D

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There wont be any turrets remaining - attacker will take them all out to be sure they dont get shot in the back when op activates. Then attacker will still build a nearby base for when op goes down.

As much as I hate to be in agreement with a pirate (nice to make your acquaintance couple nights ago A.F.T.), something is needed to prevent this griefing opportunity.

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IDK but i think the weak point of a base now - is artillery! Devs need nerf the range of artillery when player controll it. Because any base can be killed by 1 artillery turret with out any big res investments. TCH see it on GG. Red kill 10 towers by base with the core on the ground and one artillery. I want have BA on PVP but i know it game as well so i floating in the deep space. Because for now i dont see any point to build base. This game need deep rebalance. But we see only new textures.

Just ask youself WHAT new we have in 7.0!? Beatufull textures (yeah i liked it) more realictic mountains. SV warp and realy CRAZY new craft system. Barred magnesium (WTF! i have 1,5kk of it in the OCD lol). Make ships cheaper in half! (in iron) with little cost buff in sat. No weapon balance changes no bug fixes (reloading - they broke it in 6.5).

But answer is close - devs hit a deadlock in programming. ANd only they can do it make new textures. Now i burred my LAST hope in this game. It never not become what it promised to do. And it is sad. 3000 hours only on main account. And over 2000 hours on my creative “brother”. Maybe some PVEper flying on my “flowers ship”.

P.S. SwissSteel nice to meet you to! And i do have time to say you thankyou for you tank shape.


  • Major optimization by combining devices

  • Optimizations with threading

  • Memory optimization when sending chunks from server to client

  • Removed Core from targeting options (AI and turret) and added warp drive instead

  • Don’t be surprised: We have not balanced the turrets templates yet, but it’s on the list. Balancing PvP and PvE at the same time is always difficult. A lot has been talked about this topic before but usually the feedback was based on either a PvP or the PvE perspective. We’d like to keep the discussion going and love to hear more how you feel about it. But please keep in mind that we want to avoid introducing different weapons for PvE and PvP at this point. A good solution should work for both environments.

These where all in patch notes, but yes they need to nerf arty manual fire range or at least make it exactly the same as auto range.

Yeah! I read this. But it is only words. I two days testing the 7.0 and i dont see any good perfomance changes or network in MP. Sometimes even worse. I see that we have +10% more fps but in more heavy tests -15% on average. All this new picture (it is really looks good!) cannot not influence to the perfomance. I’am confuse why they always add old and forgotten bugs again.

Yea I had the same fps hit until I set parallax to low then got a lot more fps, also the fps is more constant it doesn’t jump around as much, spawned 30 class 100 ships (No lights thou, lights seems to lag a lot) and only went down a little fps so seems better than 6.0 so far.


Ah yes. Figured that one got away some weeks ago perhaps. Yes, you gained the pinnacle of my tank development to date. Left the Swiss Tank and Trama Company (ST&TC) under the title of ‘JustNuts’. Finding you appreciate it is a complement indeed. Whatever you call it - treat her well.

But, everything can be improved, and a new model in that series has been prepared couple weeks ago. Perhaps some day you will meet.

I’ll try and post a screen of my version of the 3rd sv you brought against me. We captured an earlier version in S5.0 - we called it Fatman. I later built a new version from starter block up. Now called M&M. Havent brought it in game with respect to server class limits.

Does not go for EU :slight_smile: :slight_smile: small world with lots of players

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