Prepare for swiss cheese (Exposed Thursters?)


So now that we’ve been told that exposed thrusters are the majority opinion yet none of the PVP players I’ve talked to voted for it, I’d like to genuinely hear from people who want exposed thrusters. I honestly thought there was no way this would be voted for and think its really disappointing that we’re going to have to do such major overhauls and have such ugly ships on top of the other modifications we have to do now so I’d like to hear why, in your opinion, I should be excited for it.

  1. Why did you vote for it?
  2. Why is this better?
  3. How many thrusters do your ships have in each direction?
  4. Have you ever won a serious PVP fight?
  5. Why do you hate PVP players/ship designers?
  6. Have you ever built a good PVP ship or do you just do prefab/steam workshop?
  7. Should we all paint our ships yellow/white and call our fleets the swiss cheese fleets with how many holes we’ll have to have in our hulls?
  8. Who hurt you?
  1. I didn’t. The PVErs did. And some disgruntled PvP players that wanted to dog their competition.
  2. It’s not mate.
  3. Each direction is classified but total is >160
  4. Yes many times
  5. Because i’m a masochist and desire the pain eleon gives.
  6. I built a good ship once… then the game updated.
  7. No. That would assume I can differentiate color.
  8. Eleon.
  1. I’d go 50/50 on trying it, the way it’s presented isn’t ‘exposed’ thrusters, i.e. thrusters out in the open, that would pretty much suck. Like it or not it’s something Eleon will be trying and HWS tends to be the biggest testbed that they have for the new alpha features.
  2. It wouldn’t be better for PvP, not ever.
  3. 15 in each direction minimum, and that’s for a rather slow SV. :slight_smile:
  4. A few.
  5. I am into that kind of stuff.
  6. Debatable, but I have built PvP ships.
  7. A decent PvP ship should come with a unique way to identify it. My third one looked like a duck, a swiss cheese taxi cab would be cool as well.
  8. Freakin’ Eleon.

I filled out your 8 points, lol. I’m happy to try ‘exposed’ thrusters, though it doesn’t look like it’ll be ‘exposed’ but rather ‘not airtight’, which makes perfect sense and if it’s the case the majority of current PvP builds will be perfectly adaptable to it, assuming class size restrictions are increased to allow it, not a big deal there. I would never see 100% exposed thrusters being good for anything but show, in PvP or PvE, and I think RexXxuS has more sense to implement it at that face value.


This is my biggest concern. A “slow” SV with 15 holes per side. Its going to look… Bad?


It depends really. That’s only because the most efficent thrusters for SV require 15 in each direction minimim for a class 1 (that’s a tanky, slow, class 1). Thrusters can always be adjusted in the config so we don’t need all that mess (which TBH is a bit dumb anyway) to fit within the class specifications while keeping a decent amount of thrust.

I’m sort’ve going on the assumption that HWS will eventually try the feature, so I’d rather say “sure, let’s do it, but let’s adjust XYZ so it’s not terribad”, than just “hell no”. With the former, we get more of a say in it, ya know?

I’d LOVE to discuss changing efficiencies/hardiness of thrusters and trying this out on those terms rather than some of the crap we’ve gotten with cockpits and logistics the last few seasons.


One of the things we talked about in our faction comms was how it would be better to implement things like this on one, really valuable playfield for a season or something like that. This way people could experiment and build the ships and have something to fight for without having to redo every ship/garage ship/etc before we can really do anything. Then a season later it could be implemented widely once we’ve all been able to play with it a bit for a couple of months and discuss the balance, etc issues.

I’m also wondering about graphics performance. This could be an issue that pops up as well.


To be clear, I wasn’t asking about Rex, he can 100% do whatever he wants. I’m asking about people who actually voted for this and why they did.


Yeah, I understand. If Eleon implemented nukes tommorrow, we’d assume that on HWS (or at least I would), balance would be taken into account beyond Vanilla, because, like it or not Eleon doesn’t think about multiplayer very much, PVE or PVP. You, me, and everyone wishes that Eleon would focus on how the game performs in PvP. Slideshow fights freaking suck.

I’d go 50/50 on this one still. That makes it a yes I’d try it vote.

I’m glad that we have the opportunity to say “yes, with conditions”, rather than just sucking it up and taking it. The logistics stuff, multiple cockpit changes, sudden class size limitation changes, etc, I’ll point out to that effect. Not much discussion and chance to influence the direction of it all was a part of it. We have a chance now, and should jump on it.

Eleon is going certain directions and HWS has the biggest playerbase. I figure we’ll be stuck testing (it is alpha after all), so may as well make it the best we can while we can and help to make it polished, rather than get stuck with something unpolished.

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