Preserve Structures During Breaks

Visit or check your PDA > Guide > HWS Commands or type egs:? for all available commands

In answer to player requests for the ability to store their precious ships during extended periods away from Empyrion, we now offer players the ability to stash their vessels in a trans-dimensional warp pocket for an extended amount of time.

Preserve Ships during Long Breaks

What this means is that players can save their ships and go on vacation for more than 15 days without worrying about the 15 day limit on unvisited structures. No need to ask faction mates to visit your bases and ships to turn them on/off. See wipe times for more details.

How it works

Type do:structure:save:ID:DAYS and the ship will disappear and be instantly teleported to the trans-dimensional warp pocket. To recall the ship from storage: do:structure:load:ID.

General Info

  • Ships must be stored for a minimum of 7 days
  • the distance and structure owner will be checked
  • players may store only THEIR own bases and ships
    Structures CANNOT be kept through a full wipe / season. Players should load their stored ships before the season ends and recycle its contents. Otherwise, the ship is lost!