Pricing on the marketplace in HWS

Haha, ashpickard87, Firebeard, are you taking drugs or something ? Your pricing is insane ! Pure scam.

Not considering the fact, that new players can buy the upgrade kits themselves at the Kennex52 station for a small portion of your prices :joy::joy::joy:

Then go buy them from there :man_shrugging:
If you’re hanging around in teleport range of a kenex station all day then you’re not our target market.
oh-no-anyway (1)

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Firebeard, wasn’t JVI a really large player faction? What happened?

BTW thank you for picking up all those grossly overpriced ingots. I was getting edgy not seeing anything on the market those first few days so I did the ridiculous not expecting to sell anything, cept the gold.

best wishes


Becomes worse and worse.

Even more insane prices an the marketplace every day.

You’re welcome, I just wanted to be the only retailer on the market there for a few hours for the lolz so I bought everything everyone else was selling regardless of price
We’re on RE EU and Space engineers more than NA, we chase the pvp so where ever the most fighting is we go

“Retailer” ? You are a box mover, and nothing more. Buying stuff for 300.000 at an UCH station, teleporting to ECC and selling it for 1.500.000 ist not a bad margin. But a good scam :stuck_out_tongue: