Problem with Clan/Players


I have a problem with the clan DaT ( Die alt truppe) Traders faction where they trapped me inside their base with my ship inside. I have gear on me and i suspect they want my backpack.

Location is the PvE Planet Noel (the toxic gas planet)

Is their anyway to get me out of there? I’m almost at the point of dying from hunger

Thank you in advance

But… why did you fly into their base?
Also let us know what server you are on


can you maybe explain a bit more detailed what “trapped” mean or how you get there?
I see a DaT base with a big hangar door and you are inside of that base. So… I don’t know… looks like you wanted to check the interior out?!

Try to communicate with DaT first. If you tried to steal or scout their house it is maybe possible that they don’t like you inside.


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I was going from orbit to the planet and it didnt load properly on my end. I was suddenly in their garage and cant get out of there anymore hence the ‘trapped’.

And isnt it impossible to steal a house on PvE anyway otherwise i wouldnt build a base close to theirs.

I can’t contact anyone there because they are all offline.

I renamed my sv to open the door to let me out but they didnt react to it.

It got solved. They accidentaly closed the door on me and got my ship back.

Thanks anyway

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