Problem with structure load

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What happened: Dont load the Structure, cant log into the Playfield
Player(s) with issue: Blacktime and AzTraxius
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): 22:00
Playfield: Cryo
Structure Name(s): Escape Ship
Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now: Please delete my bought starter ship.

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getting the same issue here structure load stuck at 0% for a while then nothing just the background splash image, i think freelance cryo is overloaded

Yes, we have the same problem

Yeah, I try to clean it!

keep up the good work rex, you and the team have always been amazing at new release time especially


if you need to remove things, you can warp my player out of starter orbit and destroy my things and i can pull from OCD to rebuild

yes same here and all our members at least people in starter

You can teleport my character too. I’m planning to play survival from naked after getting out of starter. :slight_smile:

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My water generator can remove.

Guys i also can’t join the server anymore. My name is Xibi. Can you please fix it? I don’t care if you remove everything i have because i just started so basicly had nothing. So you can remove my account or whatever you need to do. I just want to play so bad with the weekend coming!

I fixed it now. Please try again

What was it Rex, and is there anything we can do as players to help prevent it?
(at work atm so haven’t had chance to log in)

First of all it was a corrupt chunk in the Area files, thus my own fix today was to clear all of them to all a fresh world.

Second issue was a playfield error. A null point exception in the code triggerred and flooded the logs thounsand times.
That was fixed by the devs.
So far you guys doing all great but the game needs a little poke from time to time :wink:

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