Problem with the Hunter Board

ok, now that we are a week in almost, I have finally seen some room for improvement on the hunter board. Currently there are 4 people listed on it. The problem is, all three of the ones on it are offline, one in prison. Well, this is a challenge, especially as more and more folks get added to it. There is no time stamp or anything, and the location will show the last location coordinates between 0-15 mins before they logged.

Issue is, this makes finding valid targets very hard, as we have no idea if they are on/off line and worth trying to track them down. So as it stands now, we have to look at the name, then open the “B” menu ingame, and see if the said guilty person is even online. Add +15 mins to find a target easily when that board reaches 20-30 folks!

A much BETTER idea, would be for the script/API or whatever it is that updates the board to do a check before updating the board location. So for example, when it updates, it will see if the person is online, and if so, will update the last known location every 15 minutes as intended… kinda like “so and so was last seen in playfield name near xyz location”. BUT… if they are not online, they remain on the guilty board, but instead of reporting hours/perhaps days old info … if offline the location is listed as “Location Unknown” or similar (hell even 0,0,0) would be nice. OR… maybe a checkbox to filter offline players from the list.

And while im thinking of it… lets say someone, perhaps a newb checking out the game, somehow gets added to the guilty board. They then quit the game for whatever reason, or someone goes on vacation or LIFE happens. Guess what, we have to look at their name on the list for the entire season??? that will be a big list im sure if that happens.

A way to fight this is a kind of aging of the guilt. So if they player has not been online in say 10 days (structure decay time limit) then their guilt is purged. Kinda like what happens in real life with wanted criminals or BOLA type police notices. People don’t remember the crimes or even the details of things from last month or whatever, hell i barely remember what i last week to eat. Point is, its the recent crimes that get the most notice, everything else kinda fades away.

Just some ideas, hope folks like them… particularly the online/offline idea…

I don’t understand really the problem about online or offline. Or maybe I need to explain bit better:

The update to the website works as following:
if the user is online and playing the data of him will be send to the website every 15 minutes. If he is offline then the last correct data of him is send to the website and keeps sending this data until he is online again.

Now this means that if you are guilty and go offline you are visible like Santa Claus in a Shopping Mall. No way to hide and everyone can visit you.

Cool, then you go to the last known position and wipe him. Done.
Oh and just in case you mean to actually really kill that person to get the RP - well if this guy has no structure left he is most likely to rage quit or start fresh or whatever.
15 minutes would be not accurate in the end to say if he is online or offline and for a real online tracking system per player it would cost too much performance for now.

The only valuable complain of the Hunter gang is (or will come soon) that
a) 15 minutes are waaay to long
b) The guilty guys hiding in PvE!!! WTF, I want to kill them, NOW!

And we are here again… balancement of tryhards vs casual gamers.
But let’s see how it evolves and we adjust along the way.

A few additional points here.
A player’s location will be one of two things.
1: The ship he logged out in
2: an open area where he logged out

In option 1, you can go, blast the ship, and leave behind a small auto turret to kill him when he gets back. You will not get the bonus for killing Guilty, but you atleast get the loot from his ship.

Option 2 is a little more tough, but unless he logged out in pve, you can leave a turret behind for him, as in case 1.
If in pve, you can see immediately on hunter board by the fact that he is in pve playfield, so find another target.


Ok… I can understand that a bit better now, and makes a bit more sense in cause the guy WAS stupid enough to log our in/around his ship/base, he is asking for it… guess thats incentive to leave the last known location up even if he is offline.

Tricky tricky… i love it…

sure thing, my main concern was that the board will possibly fill, and remain full, of players that are no longer in game for whatever reason but forcing all of us to “parse” through them on the list for the full season. lets wait to see i guess, thanks for the critic.