Problems with blueprints stock

Good evening

I usually enter the forum to read the news, but yesterday i couldnt.
Surprise !! you didnt read it one day and you loose your blueprints , more than 250k in resources disapeared.
I played on this server since 4.x and it always have the same problem, big changes, small time to react and few advices of it.
Big changes are good, but not when its a surprise for almost every1 and it affects the whole game.
Server is sending “critital” msg for wipes (black hole, starter planets, etc). why is so hard to do the same with the big changes?, sending automated critical msg some days before doing the changes.

This server has a lot of good things, staff do a hard work to make it better each day, but im really desapointed with the way they do and notify the big changes to the players.
I can assume bugs, server problems, etc, its a part of the game inself, but not things like this.

Since the 6.0 started to yesterday, i spend lots of ours mining to build blueprints and loose that huge amount of time, effort and resources in a second by a weak notify system.
I know i wont recover all i inverted, but I hope at least that this complaint, serve to make you think about this great problem for almost all players and improve it for the near future.

Regards Sr Pato

I lost my entire factory this morning as well.

You misunderstand a big thing here!

It is not our / HWS fault!

The server change and that you need to spawn your ships can still be done till tomorrow!
But hell damn this is a pretty big coincidence that in exact that moment there is another blueprint spawn bug which affects our story.

1st of all, thnks for the quick reply.
im very confused now, but one thing is clear to me:
Atm i put a bp to work, it finished and its on the “completed” zone, ready to spawn, but all the bp i had ready to spawn are lost, all resources, etc.
I believe the problem was the update, not server, but Is there any chance to recover some resources i spend?
link -->
here is a screenshoot of my bp, only the last one i did 5 mins ago is here, and it’s selected the bigger one i lost in the “complete” place.



Hi @RexXxuS,

same thing happened to me.
Server: NA
Issue: BP resources ready to spawn disappeared from Factory
Note however that this screenshot is from a couple of days ago, I did spawn one of the cheap-CV and one of the cheap-SV since then (you can check logs to make sure)
ingame name : Mario
when this happened: I just logged in about an hour ago to find them gone. Yesterday I believe everything was still good

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