Professor Voids is a dick

I found prof void secret code and teleported to ECC.
ECC is great and the quest is fun.
The problem is I got to ECC without money and couldn’t get an SV to fly away because of building restrictions.
I became a hobo, an acrobat and a doctor for money while there. Thanks to dermerzel and bagman for their donations.
Then my teammates picked me up.
Did I miss something? How is a freshly teleported noob supposed to leave the planet without 500k? Are they supposed to work there like I did (earned 70k)?

Hehe, glad you liked the story overall but I agree the teleporter to ECC isn’t what I have planned at the beginning.

Sorry for the inconveniences, I will integrate a better destination asap.

When I went to the teleporter for this POI on cryo F1 it just spawned me on the polar opposite of the planet on top of an empty mountain, had to hitch hike around the world…

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