Proff Void's Puzzles


Hello all, looking for info and perhaps a hint! Been trying to figure out the lock code for the Door before the warp in Proff Void’s home, I’ve got the last two numbers of the sequence, but for the life of my I cannot find the other two buildings, those being: The Black Hole Generator, and the Black Hole Energy Building.

I am close to just trying every combination on the door, lol. I’ve only a few days left on the starter planet before everything resets, but I’d really love to do this first.


ehm, yeah, skusi… see here:

mistakes were made ^.^’

Try to brute force it as long as you can - in HWS 8 it won’t work anymore :smiley:


Oh man, I did see that thread once, but figured it was awhile, and to try and ask lol, sowwy!~

So there’s gonna be a lockout on too many tries soon? lol. Will Proff Void’s quest be elsewhere besides the starter planets? I really want to see all of it, which is why I’m still on a starter planet. (and cuz I want to kill that drone base, lol)



The five (updated!) POIs will still be on starters only but the Prof Void story is a global HWS story (along the Aliens + Giants + Prototype + EGS + a new coming in HWS 8…). It just consumes tons of time to create a Campaign mode in MP while taking care of all the MP balancements :wink:


ohh okies, I better force the lock now then, i do hope I have at least two of them right so it won’t take forever, lol. X,X,3,0,