Prototype Introduction

The Prototype is a relative new fourth Origin on HWS.

While nobody know yet their background story or future some facts are known:

  • the Prototype Starter Planet is a hardcore challenge to all Survivalists
  • you can (should) use your OCD on the Planet
  • it is either a shortcut for veterans or a long & hard challenge for beginner
  • you can only leave this planet if you made your decision which main Origins you want to join (Alliance, Freelancer or Lawless)
  • after you left the planet you enter the main Origin HQ planets

So for now all we know about the Prototype Origin is that it is a temporary Origin for the start which helps you to either get orientated or seek a challenge, free of any burdens the other Origins have.

What we don’t know yet is, if this Origin has a bigger impact in the long run or not…

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