Provider dead | HWS EU & NA dead

Hey @everyone,

little headsup that our provider is kind of dead. After an electrical outage almost all servers of the provider around the world are dead.

EU and NA inclusive.

They are working on a fix of course, since they are one of the largest providers out there but yeah, we can only wait.
We hope the servers got shut down properly before and we don’t have savegame corruption.

If any update is coming we let you know below.

Your HWS Team

All servers seems to be up and running now again (the provider fixed their problems)

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We don’t know why or what the current problems are caused by.

It’s like a mix of game and server internet connection…

We investigate and keep you informed if we found something.

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k @everyone

Devs found the issue! It was a regression… since it is too late now the hotfix coming tomorrow!

I try to stay bit longer awake now but for the night later I wish you all luck!

We will implement restarts every hour as a workaround.

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