Purchased Penthouse @ Penthouse West

I purchased a penthouse along with my faction member, Helios. early morning Yesterday. We did not receive any instructions on how to claim/find where our penthouse would be located @Penthouse West. Later that morning my faction member, Helios contacted Rexxus for support and was able to resolve his issue. I went on Discord english support channel when I got to work and asked for assistance, he was able to assign me to a penthouse. The only issue I have is that it is not near my faction member, Helios.

If someone could help me relocate my penthouse to the one nearby my faction member, Helios, it would be greatly appreciated. The location of the penthouse is
-3796, 47,990.

Thank you so much in advance for your support!

You can put those coordinates in the map. Ignore the middle one thats height. Open map. Right click and enter those numbers. Waypoint is created

Hi @thispolak, I think there is a misunderstanding. The penthouse I was assigned is currently located at


The penthouse I would like to relocate to is found at:


Thank you,


hm yeah, these request are best made before via Forum PM or Discord. Or some creative people even put it in the username field by the donation option (please near X).

However I checked your Penthouse and you already started to put stuff in the constructor.
I can only relocate if the Penthouse is untouched so a new guy can use it.

Let me know when you cleaned up everything. Then I can relocate.


Wait, someone did it already, or?

@hopskotch @Jascha ?

Oops yeah - he hit me in chat and I took care of this. Sorry I didn’t see this and close it.

We’re good here.