Put stuff to public need help

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What happened: I got griefed in my new base on Alliance HQ
Player(s) with issue: I lost my base, my CV (jump capability) all my inventory and progress, due to a player Griefing me. I-m locked inside my base and can’t get out.
Server: EU-server
Time (cb:time): Write here
Playfield: Write here
Structure Name(s): Write here
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: Get my stuff back and punish the player who griefed me.

Do you know maybe who it was?
How exactly griefed? Imprisoned you?

I don´t know the name of the player who took over my base and my stuff. Since it´s not stealing on Alliance HQ it´s griefing since I’m locked inside the base.

It all happend when I just had set up my base and set it on Public, then I had to put my kids to bed. When I got back after an hour an relogged in, my base was taken over by another player and all my stuff was also taken over. And Im locked inside.

I´m upset and this ticket is my last hope or I will leave HWS.


Why you would do this by all means?

I was ordered to do it, I had 4 warnings Before I did it according to system message. I didn´t have time to put it in faction.

Ok, I guess you are very new to Empyrion.

Not ordered by anyone or anything. The playfield just told you to set it to faction and a faction is created in about … 5 seconds via the F4 menu. Then the tool needs about 2 minutes to recognize your player faction.
Public means everyone can see it on the map and in this case it was public, visible and free to use for 4 hours.
Pretty big mistake on your part but since I see the guy who took it just did it because he could I set it as an exception back to you IF you would login to the game and create a faction. Otherwise I can’t help you.

By no means is this griefing but just a big mistake of you.

I recognise my fault in it. But the system message could be more specific, could´t it? Btw thank you, I will put an LCD outside the building so the other player can Contact me if he/she needs some stuff from the base.

I looked into the containers, I can see that the other player don´t have anything in them.

Hmm… if you press M you see at the bottom right the clear info. We assumed this is the first goto of players. The system says:

@ Agrippa: You are only supposed to have 0 private SVs on Alliance HQ. Please remove all other 1 private SV, or they will be taken after 4 more Warnings!

I think this is also clear or make a suggestion please to to improve it.

Good, in case the player needs something out from it let him now, it is your neighbour RAI.

OK thanks! I will et RAI know of this.

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