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What happened: Backpack looted on Freelancer HQ at POI. Randoms showed up to KS. Died during event. Looted bp at site. Returned moments later to retrieve an empty sack (left O2 bottle, sprout, looted weapons, ammo, and stack of fusion cells)
Player(s) with issue: XxSTOZZYxX, [CBM] Matari, [CBm] Stunna Tech
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 00:30 EST
Playfield: Freelancer HQ
Structure Name(s): Nostrus Temple
Structure ID(s): n/a
How can we help you now: Clarify rules/enforce

Mostly wanting to know if this is now legal, because in game chat seems to be split on ruling. In past, it was illegal to loot bps on pve worlds. Now some think it’s only starters. Looking for ruling on whether it’s fair game to loot people on pve (which seems ridiculous since you can’t do anything to get it back like on PvP) or if these 2 violated server rules.

Additional note… since:

“Don’t grief! Griefing is considered anything which creates a harassment experience for any player. Trapping in buildings, kill stealing, chat harassment, stealing trade drops, offensive buildings, burying vessels and/or players, etc.”

is clearly stated in the rules, both members showed up after the fact and began engaging targets i was actively engaged with using a minigun, thereby gaining the xp from my initiated combat.

BP looting was a result of death at the POI.

  1. Stealing / Infiltration / Sabotage
    Dont steal from players on PVE planets (only valid for Starter playfields). NOTE: taking public structures is not stealing (see Griefing in the next section below).

Taking Backpacks on starter even though you saw the owner of it = ILLEGAL
Taking a vessel being swapped via public with active users nearby = ILLEGAL
Taking an SV floating in space and set to public with nobody nearby = LEGAL

You can loot back packs in pve. Only place it is illegal is on starter areas. You cannot loot back packs on starter planets.

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