Pve on starter is to easy/leveling is to slow

Merry Christmas every one,

Some days ago my friends and I started again on hws, but it needs a while to get out of the startet planet although we had the resources for an easy start, the main problem was to get some levels and built a cv to get out of there.
Luckily a kind member of the alliance origin gave us a sv very early so we become much more mobile and were able to fly around and searching for some creatures to get level.
I don’t know, maybe this is fun for some players but for us it was very boring. A main reason for us to play on hws is to play pvp so we don’t want to stay long in a pve area that is wiped regulary and i think this is although not intended by the servers admins.
So I would like to advise the admins to increase the number of creatures that spawn on the starter planets for having more fun in early game and making faster progress to pvp.

I hope it does not sound like a harsh critisism (because my english knowledges aren’t very well), it is meant to be a hint for the admins and i want to share my opinion with you to maximise the fun playing on the best existing empyrion server. Maybe other ones, at least those who are new to this game or server disagree with my opinion so i would be happy to hear their argument.

At least I wish you a bright second christmasday!