PVE without wipes?

Is there a PVE planet without the wipes?

I was just starting a base, but before I could do anything I was shot and someone took my my stuff and destroyed my ship.

I had enough stuff to build a base, but not enough time to build it. Now there is nothing left to do but start all over again. But maybe this time on a pve planet without wipes?
Or should I then play offline?

There are several PVE planets in the peacekeeper systems that do not wipe.

Where you attacked on earth? if so by whom?

Ok then I move to those systems.

I do not know who shot me, I was shot in the back. All part of pvp right :wink:

The best way for a “Carebear career” is to start on Mars synching with the Wipe days (is not hard, just deconstruct everything you built the night before the wipe and throw all you got in the BP Factory to spawn it back the day after), then after you got your CV with a Warp drive (remember to build ALL through BP, never build by hand in multiplayer mode, build it in Single player, make a BP, then spawn in Multiplayer) go to a Peacekeeper system, spawn your favourite base…have fun! :wink:

Other suggestions for a easy living:

  • Always keep your AM fueled, it can save your a** if you get somehow killed or your base crashes (maybe for instability if on pillars).
  • Use OCD, as soon as you are able to build T2 Drills, put one in OCD so you can get it back if something goes wrong (see previous suggestion)
  • Sell things on the Market or anyway interact with ppl to get some credits and put them into bank, they will grow slowly and let you create a pillow if everything else is falling (se previous 2 suggestions :smiley: )
  • Everything in the universe will try to kill you, be ready to die even if you feel safe :smiley:

Thank you for all the advise.
I can not sync with the wipes. Because of my job, there are times that I can’t play for a few days. And it happens to often that I know this to late.

For now I will just ask if soimebody can bring me to a pve planet, because I have no resources left after the raid.
Even my backpack is gone. I do have some blue cristals I found on a planet. So I can create some startmoney.

Don’t lose your hopes, as you can read in the “Introduce yourself” thread, i quitted a lot of time, first becouse someone shot me, then because of the wipe, is a “road” that we all follow and we all get mad at it! :smiley:

If you can’t be sure to play enough to synch with the wipe, once i’m home i’ll post some BP of Cheap bases that you can afford to waste. The only “extra work” that you’ve to do is to keep ALWAYS in your backpack or in the Factory the ores/ingots you mined.

The best way is to get your CV project in the FACTORY and put there as much ingots you can (leaving some ore into your constructor for “everyday stuff”). The wipe doesnt clear your BACKPACK neither your FACTORY…so it is your safe-place. Even the Autominer doesn’t get wiped, so you can still have some ore.

Now i’m at work too, but if you’re on EU server and I meet you in game i’ll try to give you a hand, maybe i can even give you a cheap CV for warping and give you access to the Faction Starbase in PK4 (I’m the only member of the faction until now :wink: ), so you can use it as your safe-house until you’re self-sufficient.

If you’ve lost EVERYTHING i suggest you to do a CB:Reset and start again on MARS.

NA or EU?

If EU, just write in chat, and ask help. If there would be some Traders/Alliance online, they would help with tools for the first time (I could help, but only after 9 pm GMT+2).

But for Future: if u didnt sure in your free-time - live and create on your CV. And at the end of play-time - just warp to PK1-4 system…

If you’re US I’d be happy to help you out, at least get the basics down and get you off PvE Start.