PVP feedback

Hi guys,

For the past few weeks myself and a small group having been providing feedback for the devs, we are the focus of PVP multiplayer gameplay.

We are trying to help with making pvp as balanced as possible.

The current Experimental build has introduced

  • Greater SV/HV weapon range on planet/space.
  • homing missiles for SV and handheld
  • a better rate of fire for plasma, rocket and much needed rail.
  • we suggested making CV mounted weapons usable on planets to compensate for the extremely powerful BA and that is now incorporated :slight_smile:

So we will ofc test these but I believe the best type of feedback is that coming from larger numbers not just our small group, so we can really see what people are thinking.

I will set a few polls soon and see what the community is feeling.

What I would like is your ‘constructive’ feedback on PVP and suggestions/features with reasons to why. Things will then ofc be filtered up to the devs.

The potential for this game is massive and I’m sure a lot will agree the mass success will come with longevity which means multiplayer gameplay.

The devs are committed and have open ears (eyes) to feedback. Some times its not always constructive so it can be hard to get straight answers which is where we come in to filter just the constructive feedback :wink:

So yea, post your thoughts…like posts if you agree and we will send the thoughts to the devs

Your feedback can help shape this game


There may be scope for some more people to participate in a test server, essentially you will have access to all items and will purely be to test different aspects of PVP. wait out on details of that :wink:

(Able to test your potential pvp ships also :wink: )


So we all know SV hasn’t been flying nice like they used to in 3.0, They understand this needs to be balanced and so weight needs to be adjusted on things to allow the ‘Thrust’ to have a greater impact.

Which need to have the weight adjusted? Please select upto 5 (What do you notice is making your SV not quick/agile the most)

  • Thruster Weight
  • RCS Weight
  • Block Weight
  • Cockpit Weight
  • Core Weight
  • Generator Weight
  • Fuel Tank Weight
  • O2 Tank Weight
  • Cargo Box Weight
  • Ammo box Weight
  • Spotlight Cube Weight
  • Armored Glass Weight
  • Shutters Window Weight
  • Weapons Weight
  • Fridge Weight
  • O2 Station Weight
  • Small Constructor Weight
  • Manual Door Weight

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An easier way to find base cores :/, I thought some turrets auto aimed for them, but I spent a few hours yesterday searching for a base’s core and none of my turrets on my HV would target, and blowing up each block piece by piece is extremely time consuming.

Or is there a method I’m not aware of? :slight_smile:

Interesting point. I suppose it’s a double edged sword, in the one scenario you could spend a while looking for the core like yourself on the other if the turrets only actively seeking out the core it means you could lose capability of said BA,CV,SV very quick and possibly a bit too…scripted feel when it comes to fights

Perhaps a scanner device that can be used by hand and basically points to the direction of core or shows up in a rader.

So can be used once you have already infiltrated/neutralised the base and is safe to go in on foot :slight_smile:

That would be a great idea, I think there should be a variety of tools available for finding/hacking various things - cores, doors, turrets etc…

If a base is in ruins and can’t fight it’d be cool if there was a way to take it over without having to demolish the entire thing because the owner placed the core underground a million miles away :slight_smile:

This is an interesting idea, could see a lot of potential issues so would have to be incorporated right.

Perhaps you can lay a device when you come within x distance of the core. Only used in pvp ofc :wink:

Ammo costs are insane for factions with just 1 person in it. You have to farm all day long to just get the ammo to survive the night when they attack your base while you’re sleeping -.-. And they stack only in stacks of 25 (for flak ammo) and you have to stock tens of thousands of them… Takes forever just carrying them from adv constructor to the ammo boxes…

Yes finding a core is also one of my annoyances.

we suggested making CV mounted weapons usable on planets to compensate
for the extremely powerful BA and that is now incorporated
I love that idea.

Dont have time to put much feedback right now, but i think we all been waiting for some kind of shield around the ships,
so we dont need to repair all the time for some small hits, oxygen pressure for ships in space, like space engineers,
makes it feel more real, one press buttom for all ammo boxes in an base so you dont need to scroll through em all if you
have like 10 bases, alliance option so you dont shoot friendlies while in pvp or they are close to your base,

be able to buy map data in sectors that may reveal bases and maybe not to an high fee.

fix the collision on cv’s so they cant fly straight into another cv and shoot evrything he has inside.

get an warning message ingame that your base is being attacked, will make the pvp people be able to live on other planets aswell.

big bonus for people living in only pvp.

leaderboard for the most succesful fighters.

big bonus if you manage to take down an base depending on size the reward calculates, with the ocd not much people.

have some good stuff in bases which makes it not really worth it.

escape pods in cv’s which are able to be used which an single press buttom.

make capital ship even more harder to kill, if you seen alot of space ship movies, they can take an hell lot of beating, not just go down after being fired upon for 30 secs.

and some feedback for server, you gotta decide if your gonna have factions or not, right now evryone is lawless killing their own factions, literelly no point having an pirate faction if evryone is gonna be shooting eachother, purely deathmatch server then, so make new rule anyone attacking their own faction perma ban, incase if its an accident.

this is just the top of the ice mountain…

The guys agree here also, however, Flak is now 150 not 25 :wink:

More balancing needed with stacks but it’s getting there.[quote=“SquirtingElephant, post:7, topic:1697”]
we suggested making CV mounted weapons usable on planets to compensate
for the extremely powerful BA and that is now incorporated
I love that idea.

Not just an idea, it’s in the game :wink:

Has been bought up already, Will likely be introduced but a few builds away.[quote=“Thranir, post:8, topic:1697”]
oxygen pressure for ships in space

This as i understand is already on the todo list they have :wink:

Like SquirtingElephant said ammo and loading as a whole does need to be adjusted, 1 hit button might be a bit tricky to implement (combine several ammo box slots together)

How about an auto-loader? so when you construct ammo (from a constructor on board said ship) it will feed into the ammo boxes directly, like now we have the output bottom left, it will flow straight into any available ammo boxes when you select (tick box)?

I was under the impression this had been sorted? Will ask as i know this was incorporated as a temp feature to help with performance.

Like this one a lot.

Some other good points, some of which i feel are more server related and will not apply to every person wanting to PVP. Keep em coming :wink:

If you guys can also add some ideas here :smiley:

We do nothing but CV fights since 4.0.

A few major issues stick out in order of priority:

Splash Damage needs either NOT go through interior blocks or HP of systems needs to be greatly increased.
We have found that anything not covered by 3 layers of armor will get killed by splash damage long before the blocks are gone. For example you can have an interior block at 1959 HP but the generator behind it totally blown up. Just last night we were testing one of my combat designs - and vast majority of interior components were blown up despite not a single shot actually puncturing through all the blocks.

In short either splash damage only applies to EXTERIOR blocks or systems get their HP buffed by x5 to x10. Large Ammo boxes with just 25 HP are ludicrous. This absolutely needs to be looked at. It’s really hurting newbies in PvP who do not understand why we are able to blow everything up inside their ships without breaking through their hull.

Turret targeting is dumb.

Turrets continue to fire without rhyme or reason. Actually we’re pretty sure we figured out exactly where they are shooting - but they really shouldn’t shoot there. Turrets should aim at other weapon systems first. Then engines and so on.

SVs are useless now.

The only reason to fly one now is fuel efficiency and low cost. SVs need a role. They need to be made faster than CVs at the very least. The fact that I can chase down an SV in my CV and obliterate it with homing missiles without it being able to do anything is a problem. SVs need to be able to get away from CVs. I think it’s good that CVs are essentially immune to SVs - but SVs need to be able to get away.

In short SVs need to go faster than 110m/s in space or have an afterburner that could boost them to a higher speed at massive fuel cost.

Ship Control Panel Quality of Life Improvements
We desperately need a way to see ammo amounts for each type.
We need a way to just refuel ALL tanks or any ammo box and so on.
Ammo usage and fuel usage should drain ALL sources equally. Redundnacy is pointless if the game insists of draining one tank fully before going to the next.

Who said 3 ? :grin: I got dmg through 7-10 (!!!) layers of CS :sweat_smile: This game overbugged in PvP…

Ah you fly those ugly cubes?

Yeah but that only seems to happen if you do cheesy stuff like ramming and firing essentially ‘inside’ the ship. Hopefully that’ll get fixed as well but it’s a separate issue.

The best (most liked) /most frequent suggestions will get sent direct to the Devs from myself, but OFC add things to the general forum chat also :smiley:

Totally agree, Devices getting destroyed through layers isn’t great, Last thing we want is people having to make massive layered CV to keep their devices safe.

Will bring this up for sure :slight_smile:

Turrets need work, But hitting just weapon systems means you could have 2 defenseless CV floating in space, If they take each other out tit for tat maybe 1 CV has 1 rocket launcher left at end and the other has none…could be a slow fight and also, everything inside is safe (just warp out when your weapon systems are down :wink:

Has been addressed to Devs already, seeking a balanced solution :wink:

please fill in poll :slight_smile:

They have homing missiles now though too :smiley:[quote=“Mordgier, post:12, topic:1697”]
Ship Control Panel Quality of Life Improvements
We desperately need a way to see ammo amounts for each type.
We need a way to just refuel ALL tanks or any ammo box and so on.
Ammo usage and fuel usage should drain ALL sources equally. Redundnacy is pointless if the game insists of draining one tank fully before going to the next.

Really good point noted down!

nope. Only few places got such armor…

Good to know Achilles :smiley: i have already given suggestions the last months on official topics but it appears the devs don’t read those topics if we need to repeat the same things all the time. ( and some are really obvious that we shouldn’t need to tell them how to fix their game…)

Hope you can do something good mate ^^

SV’s are awesome for taking out BA’s on planets. SV vs a CV on planet is still good , SV vs SV is ok , SV vs CV in space is a no go.

4.2 allows CVs to use their direct fire weapons. SVs are useless.