PvP Patch-log Thread


This thread will focus on the patch notes and explain how they effect PvP meta as changes are made to the game. It’s also a place to discuss these changes.

Current Game Version: 9.4.1

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Alpha 9.4.1

Fixed: Cockpit collision exploit
See below.
Fixed: SV\HV open cockpits have broken building size model
This means no more clipping cores and vents into your cockpits. It’s now 3x3x1 and that’s it! Move your cores/vents guys! And make sure to ignore the cockpit design I have!

Fixed: HV Docking exploit
We’re not sure what this entails. Let us know below!

Fixed: Modular Wing Connector (Medium) was placed wrong
Basically, you can’t wrongly place wings anymore (Wings inside other wings) Doesn’t really change the meta anyways, since wings where too weak to clip effectively!


CHANGELOG: Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 9.5 (Build 2290)

New Armored Cockpits (SV / HV):

  • Added armored cockpits for SV / HV that have much higher hitpoints than standard cockpits
  • Armored cockpits can be upgraded from standard cockpits

This basically means Eleon is indirectly (or perhaps directly, who knows!!) addressing cock-pitting in combat. By adding more hardy cockpits, instant cockpits via lagshots are less likely to happen. It’ll be interesting to see what Rexxxus decides to do with it, since the block will likely need a category.

Re-Balanced all SV/HV Cockpits:

  • Slightly increased Hitpoints of most T1 Cockpits
  • Reduced Hitpoints and Mass of both Open Cockpits considerably (> please feedback!)
  • Reduced Hitpoints and Mass of Closed Cockpit 05 to match size/block count relative to the others

Eleon is addressing the issue that all cockpits are treated the same with regards to HP, with few exceptions (minus the ones modified by Rex himself) The issue here is that if the armored cockpits “replace” the ones we have now (Since they have more health) then everyone will just use those instead of creatively using many different types.

We’ll just have to see how this effects design. My best guess: Closed cockpits are rising again and since they are bigger, by eleon’s logic, they must have more health. Since Armored cockpits are a direct upgrade, we’re unlikely to see any new sizes.

@RexXxuS just ninja’d me and threw out a change I didn’t see today for the EWS config.

  • Reverted HWS specific hitpoint values and adapt to Eleon values.
    Normal (old) cockpits have ~900 hitpoints, Armored Cockpits have ~1800 hitpoints.
  • Changed the Material on Cockpits properly
    Normal (old) cockpits have the Metal Material. Armored cockpits have the Metal Hard Material. Together with EWS it means Laser is not effective against the new cockpits but the old. Use Rail Guns against the new Cockpits

This basically means rexxxus has reduced the threat posed to cockpits via lasers. This means less shutters (and thus less class size) will be needed in future and more weapons can be used. A nice balance all things considered. Rail-guns are an interesting choice for cockpit category, since they take a lot of skill to fire properly. Perhaps cock-pitting will be rarer now?

See the full post here


Changelog: Alpha 9.7 (Build 2316)


  • Upgraded game engine to Unity 2018.3

  • Switched network protocol to Unity UNET

  • Increased wait time for local coop server…

This is quite a major change for PvP, any modification of the netcode could drastically change how lagshots behave and projectiles in general. What’s even more concerning is that the change to Unity UNET comes at a time when that feature has been depreciated. Meaning it won’t be available in future versions of unity, and is not being worked on. From what we can tell so far, chat has an unusual latency to it and light pvp combat still seems possible.

We’ll keep the situation in view as it develops. Stay safe out there, commanders!