PvP tournament

Ok guys for the last little while I’ve been making a network of tunnels under gp on the NA server, thls was originally for my own benefit so I would avoid fire from svs and CVS forcing the pilots to land and pursue me on foot.
These caves I have dubbed the death tunnels as you may find the way in but getting back out is another story.
Anyways the main account I have been using for the mining has now joined 5AP which kinda makes the tunnels pointless for me, however I have had an idea last night on a great use for the tunnels.
Ship combat is buggy and not for everyone but how about a tournament where hunger games meets the decent.
It would be staged with an entry fee and prizes for the winners.
I made this post to see what sort of interest this will spark after all the tunnels take time to create an there’s no point making them if no one wants to play with me haha.
So if this sounds interesting to you and you think you would like to take part make a reply so I can get an idea of numbers that would take part and if there’s enough interest I will plan out the competion fully with rules and prizes.
The tunnels themselves are fairly extensive covering a decent area and there is a few sets of tunnels that just need connected to each other.
The tunnels of death and tournament are my patented idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I know what tunnels you are talking about that I seen 5AP use. I’ve personally have killed half there faction when they come trying to tunnel around or under my bases. The problem with these tunnels is as you are aware once it gets dark it is virtually impossible to see with out a flashlight. If anything I think it would be good idea just to be dropped off on a planet with just people and have them fight it out with weapons and no HV,SV or CV allowed.

Not sure you mean the same ones these arnt near bases, there must be more complexes than the ones I’ve made. Yup the tunnels get dark, this would be part of the design of some areas of the tunnels, however bedrock provides light :wink: the the play area could be on bed rock or areas that arnt could have work lights placed. Like I said I’ve yet to fully plan it just wanted to see what sort of attention the idea got before taking it further.