PvPers of HWS Unite! Suggestions and Ideas for the 7.0 PvP patch

My friends and I have been forming a list of of some stuff we would like to see for 7.0 or just for pvp in general. Lets hear some of yours!

Some of them will probably never happen as they would require a substantial time investment from Eleron but something we are hoping for none the less.

  • Changing colors of players to differentiate between factions, alliance members and players.This includes the minimap basically a more customizable UI that allows you to chose your own colors to identify people as friend or foe.

  • Hit indicators letting you know you hit something with guns and/or a larger bloom indicator when you hit something vital IE fuel tanks/warp/generators.

  • Customizable Crosshair color and style

  • Mounted CV weapons need to do SUBSTANTIALLY more damage

  • A point system for mounting weapons instead of you are allowed X amount of Y weapon you are given 100 points and each weapon has a point value. The larger the class the more points but the slower your top speed and acceleration would be or maybe even slower tracking on the turrets.,

  • Ship top speed difference based on mass and number of thrusters. Additionally turn rate toned down a bit on CVs

  • Drone launcher / player designed drones for bases and CV.

  • Unique loot - Active cooldown modules. (boost, chaff, emp, weapon overdrive, warp scrambler, stasis webifier, tethers)

  • Unique loot only modules that provide small bonus to Rate of Fire, Speed, Acceleration, Weapon Velocity, Damage Reduction, etc. Each ship limited to number of modules by class size and consumes substantial power. Loot only resources that can be used to produce other rare shit, I don’t know, I just want something to fight over as gold just doesn’t cut it and the current PoIs offer nothing. We need a scarcity of some kind of valuable resource. The scarcity just doesn’t exist which severely hampers the chance of PvP happening organically.

  • Missile velocity needs to be upped as it stands its pointless to chase someone as their weapons hit you but yours won’t hit them.

  • Auto reload for all your turrets so you don’t need to manually go through and reload them. On a similar note the ammo box fill option should EVENLY distrubute the ammo across all the ammo boxes rather and just dump it into one at time.

  • The ability to reorder weapons on the hot bar.

  • More hangar door health.

  • Paint and texture entire blueprint/all blocks option.

  • SV Heavy Weapons - basically anti CV weapons but with massive draw backs such as class size limited to 1 and cannot carry any other weapons.

  • Shields


A nice balance for this is projectile speed as anything smaller will be able to get out of the way then : P

I couldn’t agree more we really need more things to fight over.

Everything you mentioned is pretty awsum, the only thing I know for a fact will be op is drones :smiley: when everyone else is lagging to death the drones will be burning up everything, including all the loot.

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Really what we need is CV interdiction and less lag.

That is it.

Get rid of turret targeting so CV’s actually die in combat again instead of losing their guns and running away.

Reduce turret rate of fire and increase damage per shot to compensate.


Capital Vessels (CV)

  1. Since Lag Shots is pretty much gone, how about more turret damage
    Reason: because fights can last hours

  2. Turret Warp Disruptor
    Reason: Stops players from warping away

  3. Hangar Door/Landing Gear health for CV"s
    Reason: They always need replacing!

  4. Allow CV’s onto homeworld at the least…
    Reason: I have a HV attached

Small Vessels (SV)

  1. SV rockets should travel fast enough that when another SV is flying away from you in space you can still hit them.
    Reason: you can fly away and out pace the rockets tracking you.

  2. Reduced SV speed in space (see above as a partial reason)
    Reason: Weapons cannot track or keep up


  1. Paint All, Texture all
  2. Faster Queuing for constructors
  3. Alliance members show up on map…
  4. Alliance faction chat
  5. Private Messages


  1. Keep Pirate Planet open PVP

Offline Protection
Not sure how to make that one work for all… Unsure as how that could be tweaked. There would have to be a 1 to 3 hour timer after the player logs out… to encourage players to defend. Since some people are upset with offline raids.

Combat Logging
30 second LOGOUT TIMER
Reason: People avoiding death.


I have one more

Prevent SV macro use to fire are 6 weapon groups together :slight_smile:

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Rockets shouldn’t always be able to hit, its fine as it is becuase you can use skill to evade them, if they run switch to rail guns and moe them down?

honestly, and I know this is more of a Game dev change, not HWS specific, the main thing I would like to see is variations in Ships features such that players are not just building bricks with turrets on them. what I mean by that is that Ships should have these features: Speed, Acceleration, Maneuverability, Defense, Offense, Warp Speed, etc. Building a block that’s super heavy (class 3) should not go at the same speed as a light (class 1) CV. That’s the best change this game needs.

Dude! HWS administrators aren’t empyrion game developers. Go to empyrion game official forum.

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Rockets will hit depending on whether you’re chasing or being chased when we’re talking SV space fights. Lets take an example : X is >800m away from you, you’re flying your sv backwards while aiming at him, locking on and shooting will 100% hit. Now i’ve tried this with even longer ranges and it still hits. The fact is, it seems the game takes into account the traveling speed of the ennemy sv thus making it able to hit… either that or coordinates of said SV at a given time and rockets shot at given time. However, placing shots on the SV you’re chasing is impossible unless youre <700m away from him.

It was heavily implied that much of it would need to be done through Eleron. The point of the post wasn’t for people to point out of the obvious limitations server admins could achieve but to gather ideas from fellow PvPers about what they would like to see happen with 7.0. Thanks for the contribution!

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Okay I agree it. It wasn’t clean which requests posted for hws sysadmins and game devs.

None were requests they were ideas to be bounced off the community

I just hope there is still PvP on HWS when 7.0 comes. Admins seem to be moving the servers toward
PvE only servers.

Everything Ezze listed sounds like a improvement to the game. Would love every bit of that.

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15 Minute timer after log out. It’s to prevent off-line raiding by the jobless; BUT make it only activate after two hours of on-line time. None of this quick jump to ECC to get interest on off with Offline kicking. If you can’t play for 2 hours you get no Off line protection.

We really need this. I like the point system and bigger ship is a slower ship idea abut we also need the more people crewing a ship the deadlier it is.

We need a high cost single shot ION cannon. I want to run a support ship that blast’s the baddies knocking their electronics out while my buddies wreck face!

I got another recommendation, these giant SV’s flying around… Limit class to 2 for sv’s :stuck_out_tongue:

@Ranzeth What do you think? Any new ideas to add?

I would suggest higher damage and lower class limits.

I dont understand why HV armor health was doubled; let alone CV ship battles that never end and people can escape easily if they know what they are doing.

Reduce speed of ships (cv and sv’s)
to 90 to see if tracking of rockets can actually catch up.

I’m going to tag you in a more recent thread for this.

Damage from highest to lowest BA>CV>HV>SV