PvPvE / Raids

Personally, I miss High-end content :slight_smile:
Why not add Raids to the game?

At the moment there are Missions and POIs, some of them are interesting, some are not very.
But they are all pretty … modest, small.

Who completed the mission itself to receive a drill ship for training:
This mission is probably the best in terms of diversity, although it has problems with language restriction.
This mission entirely fits the name “dungeons” but it lacks complexity.

I offer 3 options:

  1. Add new POIs by type of dungeon - a huge number of complex enemies at the end of the Boss. For the victory over which you will receive a generous booty.
    This dungeon should be quite complex and long, without the possibility of destroying spawners.
    As well as several options for 1 player, and 4 - more hard and better loot.
    But if raid wipe(if all players die) - then you lost all items :slight_smile: hardcore

  2. Add a very protected space base in the PvP zone, with many drones (why there are no space drones on the HWS ?!) that will spawn quite quickly - to exclude the possibility of clearing the base alone.
    The base will have a long recovery time ~ day.
    Good reward is needed to justify the costs. (PvPvE event)

  3. Create a Large vessel of class 10-20 with many turrets and drones.
    like Big Boss :slight_smile:
    If possible, this ship should fly at coordinates in space.
    A ship is fully restored if there is no player in the visibility zone, as for example this happens with ships on a mission (EGS 1 resource storage).
    Turrets on the ship should have a range of 3-4 kilometers so that players do not go away to “rest” while blocking the recovery of the boss.
    Turrets and drones must inflict very strong damage in order for players need use Tank Ship (1 or more) to be used in battle.
    And to can be placed in PvP zone - then its to PvPvE event. Spawn rate to big 1-2 day, and if possible - appearance in different systems.

p.s. Need a really very good reward that will be in constant demand so that players want to confront other players in getting this. (In option 1 - so that players are not afraid to lose things.)

afree in game need HIlevel Content
many people get many res and dont know what to do then.
i think we must do competition for best hilevel scenarium for PVP

cant open video
mb yutube?

What happened to them?
In alpha 4 or 5, they flew normal… if i not mistake.
In 2019, this AI is … developers disgrace!

Okay, then without drones. Just more than other DMG.
Or Base on planet, i remember what bomber drone its hell for player without ship :slight_smile:

( to video work only with proxy EU o_O reload ЯД: https://yadi.sk/i/bPVK2-lWhAkOXA )

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All three options sound good, I really like number 3, Assuming its Alien faction.