Q about origin gun

What happens if you lose it, like a glitch or a lost backpack.
Is the gun gone for good ?

I am asking because, as lawless, the gun is required to receive RP per day.

You can always purchase one from the weapons vendor at the ECC HQ if you must and sometimes they are on the HWS marketplace for cheap.

Not sure exactly what you mean by a glitch that made you lose it but maybe you could explain that more.

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Once you make it to ECC, there’s a teleport to a gun shop. You can buy replacements there for 50k credits. Also if you check the HWS market place on the website there’s often some for sell for much cheaper.

Since we have a wipe coming in a few days I wouldn’t worry about it to much yet. Make sure to read up on all the HWS features too. Lots of good unique things here.

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Thanks for the help, that’s useful.
I did not actually lose it, I’ve been thrown through half the map from a bug already so I guessed it could easily happen to lose it (also in PVP). So I mainly wanted to know if it’s replaceable;)

In general I don’t understand why the decision was made to give everyone a metal destroying epic gun as a start, it felt like I was starting with a cheat.
It would be much nicer if you start with a low tier version and during leveling up you get the opportunity to craft/buy a better version of your origin gun or upgrade it.

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Most PvP is vehicle combat. And if you tried to attack a vehicle with just your minigun, you’d be lucky to knock out 2 blocks before the respawn screen :slight_smile:

As long as you still have at least 1 respect point you can always wait to claim your next available faction supply. It will have your faction weapon in it so you can start earning RP again.

Since you can earn RP every day through HWS Connect by claiming daily loot and/or voting, you should never be without RP. This means at worst you’ll have to go a week without your origin weapon.

You also get free credits every day from the same daily loot and/or voting and can use those to purchase another weapon from a player or the shop on ECC.
So really worst case is you have to go 24 hours without it.

I tested a few shots on my HV (hardened steel tier) and they just popped away quickly.
though, no idea if that’s because I owned the blocks so they were more vulnerable.

Thanks for the info on the supply, didn’t know it’s part of it.

True, but in PvP most of us run with an HV of around 5k blocks (max on highly contested planets) of combat steel and the max number of turrents.

Ok, in that case I might indeed have a problem with my shotgun :wink: