Question about Fragments

I know the fragments give 1% extra interest for the bank, but what’s that limited to? From my knowledge the 1% exteeds normal interest limits, and hopefully on purpose.
So if I have 200 million credits on me, am I gonna get another 2 million credits daily? Or is there a limit?


yeah ive been wandering about this too
for example EB level 5 = 6% interest & hard cap max gain daily of 1mil
u need at least 16.666.666 credits to hit that 1mil daily.
now with the 1% from a fragment this then would make it 7%
wich means u then only need 14,285,714 to hit that 1mil daily.

Unless this interest is getting calculated on top of the hard cap (1mil @EB lvl5) ??


yes we recently changed it that the Fragment % does not care about the limit.

So if you have 5% and 2 Fragments:

  • You get your usual 5% up to the limit,
  • and on top of it without any limit 2% for the Fragments.
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There’s 7 fragments right?
If my math is correct, which it should be, then that’s an insane amount of cash.
My economy if I had all 7 fragments right now:

One still need to find and retrieve them all.

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I know ABN are searching really hard for them, and I’d be surprised if they didn’t find all eventually. But the profit above is just insane. A billion credits from interest in less than a month.

Looks good to me lol

IF the Big Bang would have worked the last and 7 Star Fragment would have been found very late in the season.
I will fake it too now and add them back one for one.

Still, very valuable feedback.
Technically Jascha and I hadn’t the same mind for it so we will talk about it again to balance it (considering the changes etc.)


So all star fragments are currently on our map correct?

Rex already answered that Billy. Nope, they’ll be added slowly.

You sure are worried about what ABN does. I’m trying to figure out were you are getting these BILLIONS from?

I’m not worried about what ABN does :stuck_out_tongue: I think the fact that ABN goes for them might be a good thing. Hopefully it can inspire some PvP. Maybe even some newbies (PvP newbies I mean) could try to fight them.
And about the billions, look at the image I posted above. If I had 7 fragments, I’d go from 200 million to 2 billion in a month.

200 million times 7% is 14 million not 19 million. Your graph is giving you almost 10% interest right off the bat and going downhill from there. If you’re going to make a graph at least learn to maths.

The math is correct.
250 million = 2,5 mil for 1%
2,5 * 7 = 17,5 million.
And then add the last non fragment interest.

This needs to be locked down or we’ll all be trillionares and the hyper inflation problem you’ve only just got under control will return.

Don’t think your charts quite right as you stop getting interest after 1 billion

Ah right. But you can still earn a billion in less than a month quite easily.

Quite a lot of rumors, feedback and thoughts are going in the Fragments and their benefits.
I still have to put a Guide for them too…

Let me clear up some things:

I made a Trello ticket for the new feature and was not very clear about it I think.
So Jascha and I had two different versions of the Interest in mind. Right now it is still not the final version I had in mind cause percentage stuff can always be interpret differently.

Is it % of the total Interest sum. Is it within the EB Bank level limits, exceeding them, is the % then applied on the limited amount or the exceeding stuff and more.

After discussing, in the upcoming Interest cycle it will be:
You have your EB Bank Interest levels and thus progression for Interest and Max. Interest Amount.
You have Bank Level 5 = Daily 6% Interest with Max. 1m interest.
Without any fragment it means you need about 17,5m credits to get this 1m.
With let’s say 2 Fragments your 8% Interest means you need less credits to reach this 1m (about 13m). But the limit is enforced.

Overall, the 1000 RP is also quite insane and I see already MANY lost total relation and meaning of our HWS Reputation Points. What incredible important currency it really is.
I decided for 1k RP though, because this Patch is just a disappointment and my temporary gift for everyone enduring it.

For HWS 13, the next season, I made already fundamental changes, along many other, to balance it properly.

Anyways, thanks for your feedback. I am for sure too generous over the years and it’s not good.


Probably a good call, 1% without limit (except the 1b max bank) would have been insane.
20m a day with just 1 fragment per server, 140m with all 7 :stuck_out_tongue: And several people actually have that 2b in gold to exploit it to fullest.

Nobody can really cry about that change being unfair, it would have broken economy worse than carbon some seasons ago.


So with that change there is very little reason to play right now. Trading is nerfed (matrices remove due to OP), PVP is dead with the rubber banding/lag/massive delays, and exploring (searching for shards) is a waste for any players that are already gettin max interest for their EB level.
I guess HWS12 is the season of farming??

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